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Well, Mr. Wiki says:

"Insomnia is a symptom that can accompany several sleep, medical and psychiatric disorders, characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep and/or difficulty staying asleep. Insomnia is typically followed by functional impairment while awake."

Just yesterday, I felt that symptom. It made me so crazy. I cried all night long, wondering why can't I fall asleep. I prayed and prayed, but no response from Him, so I cried again.

I drank Paramex (a medicine for dizziness), hope that paracetamol in that thing could make me sleep. But the result is 0.

I tried to relax, and breath normally. But it didn't work. I still cannot sleep. Then I lied my body in the perfect and comfortable pose, hugging my pillow beside my lovely bear doll.

I closed my eyes, hope that I could sleep. I even didn't think anything. I held my breathe. The body started to sleep. I could felt it! My legs, arms, head, they were sleeping!! But not with my mind. I am STILL alive.

I was so confused. What had happened? I remained conscious. I can hear my neighbor's dog sound.I can hear my own breathe. It made me crazy.

I looked my phone watch. 5 am already. I sighed, so hurt me. I wondered what happened. I didn't think of him today. Why can't I sleep? I took Neozep (a medicine for flu), but still cannot feel sleepy.

It just like your body and spirit didn't in one soul. Like they were being separated, you know. How hurt it was. I thought I would die. Really.

I looked again, 6.30 am, and I haven't sleep yet!!!! Damn. I want to drink Panadol (a medicine for fever), but I was afraid enough, thought that I might died caused of medicine overdosed, probably.


I think I slept (finally) after 7 am in the morning. Shit.


  1. people said : u have many thoughts in your head, so u can't sleep..
    olahraga deh klo ga bs tidur,sit up kan cape, jadinya bs lgsung tidur..hoho


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