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Who doesn't love a discount and more dollars off from the shopping cart? On this page feel free to browse discount codes from my favorite brands that you can apply straight away. Enjoy!


An affordable beauty brand with a big range of colors for everyone! Inclusive, sustainable, cruelty-free, and suitable for any skin tone. Enjoy 15% OFF with my code: RHEAKIM15


The most unique beverage I've ever tried. Save your wallet for coffee with this liquid microdose coffee, one bottle can serve you 30 cups! Even better, save more 10% OFF (discount applied automatically) if you purchase by this link > buy Javy Coffee here


Korean lens that super comfortable with a lot of amazing design for all of your character in life. Get 10% OFF all items without a minimum order, ship worldwide.
Apply code at checkout: rheakim_10

Hapa Kristin webpage preview


Shop refillable, eco-friendly, and sustainable cleaning products. From laundry strips to cleaning tablets. Get 10% OFF with code RHEA10


Canada-based organic skincare company that offers balm and oil. 
Get 15% OFF , apply code at checkout: rheakim15


Canadian eco brand that provides natural skincare and makeup products to help you become more sustainable in your beauty routine. 100% natural and no nasty chemicals in their products.
Get 10% OFF any items.
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