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REVIEW: Etude House Moistfull Aloe

Today I have mucccchhhh time to make many posts *3*

I want to share about this skin care from Etude House. I am sorry for the noises in the photos, since I do not have a good quality digital camera like another beauty bloggers must have. Yes, I try to save more money to buy that things :D

So here it is, Aloe moistfull from Etude House Korea.

The box, plain, greeny, but have a strong paper

The bottle, elegant and thick, greeny bottle

The texture on hand, too creamy and liquid

What I like:
♥ Elegant bottle with thick glass
♥ Moist my face, make it feels elastic and chewy
♥ Has a smooth and soft smell, like real Aloe
♥ Has a soft texture when applied on face
♥ Make my face sparkling

What I dislike:
* Too more like liquid
* Cannot bring it anywhere because the cap is too easy to opened
* Feels like did not absorb well to skin, still like a little bit sticky
* A little bit pricey :(

Purchase again? No, I will try another skin care type.

Ratings: 4 of 5


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    1. waaa...susah donk ngeluarin lotionnya, botol kaca kan ga bisa dipencet, jadi kyk pake botol sambel ya. lol


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