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REVIEW: Kao Biore Make-up Remover

Hey yea beauties~!

How was your day? I bought this makeup remover in supermarket. It can be found anywhere at the mall and market. Not expensive but so effective! :D

This is Biore, from Kao, Japan. A strong brand that I think you know it. This product is quite new in Indonesia.

the packaging *pink*

So I pick some of my makeup tools to make this review. Etude dear darling red was very hard to erase in my opinion, even when I washed my face with Acnes! These are the swatches. The rests were my eyeliners.

my fave on is etude code-B

Then I smeared it with Biore in the middle.

it rolled so quick, because it has a light texture

And swap it with cotton, VOILA!

after one swap!

Wow, after one swap, only the code-B eyeliner that did not vanished! (* 3 *)/ And yeah, etude code-B eyeliner is difficult to be removed, I will review that later :D 

How to use this remover product:
1. Pour as needed into your hand or face (I usually put in on my face directly), but DON'T have a contact with eyes, would be so poignant!
2. Soak the cotton with water enough.
3. Rub your face softly.
4. Do those steps until your face clean enough.

Warning again: This is not for eyes make-up remover! I tried to erase my eye make-up and ended with tears, haha. Remember this, Ladies :)  

What I Like:
♥ Nice remover
♥ Smells nice and soft
♥ Moist my face
♥ Has green tea and rosemary extract

What I Dislike:
* Cannot erase my eye make-up!!
* A little bit sticky

Purchase Again? Idk, I want to buy etude house eye remover so bad.

Do you have a good recommendation for me Ladies? What remover do you love to use? Tell me please :D 

Stay pretty and happy~! 

Ah. This is my FOTD this day ^^
FACE: skin food aloe bb-cream
etude dear darling powder
etude cooling eye cream
unstoppable maybelline eyeliner
bare lips *hahaha*


  1. wow, it's quite good make up remover.. nice review :)
    love your're so gorgeous! <3

  2. I have this one too! It's great, remove non-waterproof makeup and some waterproof ones, but if it gets into the eyes it stings so badly, hurts my eyes :p

  3. thanks for the review!
    this seems like it's too sticky
    and not everything came off

  4. WOW! it give me surprise! it's very effective!
    Does the cap safe enough for travel? i might buy this for travel purpose..

  5. @it caught my eyes yes dear, it is! hmm i think the cap is safe enough :D you may take it with your vacation

  6. Love your blog, following back:)

  7. Thanks for leaving me nice comment on my blog:)
    I am really happy to read yr blog, you do very nice review;)
    btw, i love biore products too, affordable yet high quality!
    Have a nice day, prettie;)

  8. wow! this product looks amazing!! :D

    and you're pretty too! :D
    P.S. we have the same name :)

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  9. I tried this and I didn't know it is not intended for eyes! It blur and stung my eyes badly..=(

  10. @Rhea Bue (Styles thanks rhea, yes, we have same name :D you are pretty too

  11. Great review ! ...Thank You for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice commennt :) would be great to follow each other , following You now :)



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  13. これ使える~~ ^w^

    Nice blog header & design

  14. Hi :)
    Thank you for your nice comment!
    I find your blog great!
    I follow you now and would be happy
    if you would follow me too :)


  15. thx for following,following back,dear:D

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  20. Beyond cutenes!!! What beautiful eyes! They just talk without words! Thank you for sharing! I follow you now! Would you like to follow me back?

  21. This Biore make up remover is only for basic make up. For waterproof make up, you can try another variant, Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet. Pink packaging, looks like a wet tissue, but very convenient and effective for waterproof make up. Also very useful for travel purpose. Hope this would help :)

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