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TUTORIAL: K-Drama Gradation Lips


Back with tutorial post! ^^
This time I will try to share about my Gradation Lips like usually used in Korean drama :)
I know maybe some of girls have already known about this lips and how to make it, even faaaar better than mine, but I just want to share *puppy eyes* :D


Let's start:

 1. Apply Lip concealer (if you had one, if no, skip this step). I used Etude House Color Me Nude Concealer (click for my review about this item). This lip concealer is for a base lip. So the color will be more vibrant. You can make pale look with this thing, too.

2. Apply your favorite nude/soft lipstick. I used Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick #080. Use soft lipstick, more soft more good.

3. Apply a very red lipstick in your inner lips, just tap it with your finger, not polish as usual use, ok? Tap tap tap softly and make a gradation, in whatever form you want. And we finish!!

Some girls love to put glossy clear lipgloss after that, to make lips more outstanding. But I love matte lips, so I don't apply any lipgloss :) 

This is my FOTD to college. With bare eyes and face. (I have bad big acne in my chin!!! Damn!)

The Product I used:

Hope you like my really short and simple tutorial, please leave a comment, I want to do better next time ^^

Stay pretty~!


  1. so cute say ^^

    new followers...kalau gak keberatan follow dan main ke blog ku ya^^

  2. Thx u dear...I want to try it!! *lalalla...*

  3. Nice tutorial! Wanted to comment on the "About" section but couldn't :/ We have the same birth date ^_^

    1. wooow really? :D 23 is a nice number right? lol

  4. Nice tutorial, I love gradation lips! thanks for sharing xD

  5. Nice tutoriall.. lippie nya keliatan cantik banget!! visit blogku juga yaaa di

  6. Great tutorial! Simple and easy!

  7. jadinya natural banget yah...

  8. Wow, nice tutorial :) simple and easy to do
    Nice swatch pics too I like the finish, so cute and natural like korean stars, perfect for everyday use I guess.
    thanx for sharing, it's really interesting article :)

    1. thank you dear, i'm glad if this tutorial can inspire you ^^

  9. I've never noticed these lips in dramas before but they're really pretty! I'm definitely gonna try them out. Great tutorial! :)


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