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REVIEW: The Saem Oatmeal Moisturizing Mask

Hello Kawaii Ladies~! Today I wanna share my thoughts, study and review about mask! Who is here love to use mask for skin care? *me raising hands*

Papuros shop trust me to review this: The Saem Oatmeal Moisturizing Mask. The packaging said eco bag and it is so cute with that kinda bag shape :)

The ingredients and intros in hangeul. It has directions too!
1. Clean you face
2. Wear the mask
3. Do a little massage to your face after

Seriously it has a natural smell and I love it :D
The mask texture is similar with another mask sheet. Not too thick, yet not too thin, it is in perfect size. And also the sheet wide and length, it is in very good size, fit my face very well.

Oat is a great ingredient that could moist our skin and absorb sebum in face (good for your heart too, and can reduce cholesterol). But it will be very lazy and messy to make real oat mask.

The best thing about this mask is: it has more sheet to cover my eyebag which I rarely find! I can feel my eyebag being freshened. I can pull it up till cover my whole eye, but no, I wore mask while doing my homework :)

sorry for noisy picture, bad room light :'(
My face looks dewy and I feel so much fresh after wearing mask! Love loveee it so much, love my skin sensation and touch

Judging time!! ^w^

What I Like:
♥ Lovely scent!
♥ Soft texture
♥ Freshened my face

What I Dislike:
* A little bit itchy when using


Now I want to share about HOW SHEET MASK WORK. I made an illustration about it:

Whenever we feel cold when wearing mask, it means that the minerals prevade into our skin and the dirts comes out to the mask. Mask's principle cover is to raise the temperature of the skin and smooth the sewerage in the pores and helps remove dead skin cells. Soothes skin receives stimuli from outside. So, wearing mask is same important as using skin care creams :)

More tips about sheet mask:
1. The very ideal time to use mask is after work day, so the skin will totally rest and soothes.
2. Twenty minutes is the perfect length of time for wearing mask, because of the skin's skill to absorbs minerals is limited.
3. Stay calm when using mask, don't make too much movements, your skin need to relaxed.
4. Place new mask in the refrigerator (not freezer), cool sensation makes skin more comfortable.

More tips about peel-off mask:
1. Sensitive skin often cannot use this type of mask, because can caused irritation.
2. Make skin strained when mask is dry so you should not be laughing.
3. Peel off rules: slowly and gently peel from chin to forehead, not reverse.

More tips about wash-off mask:
1. Apply cream mask into face in the direction of skin texture: both of cheeks -> chin -> nose -> forehead. Can be used better with brush.
2. Don't move and laugh or talking, just lay down in bed/sofa
3. Use warm (not hot) water to wash and clean the face
4. Last, rinse face with cold water and apply toner after that

That's all for this post :D
Wear mask often and stay healthy outside and inside!!



  1. wah sama, aku juga barusan maskeran ma oatmeal, cuma bikin sendiri pake tisue mask sama oatmeal, hasilnya enak bikin wajah agak cerahan dikit

    1. tos~! hehehe iya oatmeal selaen enak dimamam, bisa buat cantik juga ya <3

  2. nice review!
    want to try it someday!

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    Wulan Wu on

  3. hi rhea, you always lead me to a new product from Korea~ I haven't tried any product from Saem and this Oatmeal thing is really interesting ^_~

    1. hahah really?
      thank you janet, yes, oatmeal is very interesting :3

  4. I love oatmeal beauty products. This mask looks great!

    - KW

  5. cool. thanks for illustrating how sheet masks work. i never really understood it, but i always knew that my skin looked better after using it. i'm in love with sheet type masks!! ahhh and i do run into that same problem where the sheet doesnt cover under my eye. good to know that this one can pull up and cover the entire eye! i might have to give it a try, hopefully after i finish my many boxes of masks that i currently have. hahaha.

    xoxo Sarah
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    1. wow, im so glad that my illustration helps :) i love sheet mask too! it really moist my face and i feel much relaxed. hahahah you are really mask lover, and should try this one :D

  6. Abis baca post ini, langsung masukin masker ke kulkas biar ntar malem bisa relax, hehehe, thanks for the info ya~

    1. wahhh sama2 ce, senang bisa berbagi info <3 thanks for visit ce

  7. I haven't tried anything from The Saem but I really want to try this mask! I love the packaging too. *o* Thanks for the illustration btw. :D

  8. Love this review. This mask sounds great and I love all your sheet mask tips.

  9. Ooh, looks like super cute mask!
    Thank you for the review! ^^

  10. wah jadi pengen nyoba nih maskernya, dalam satu kemasan ada berapa lembar sis?

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  11. ternyata... selaen buat panganan... malah bisa buat cantik2an juga tokh :(
    baru tau nii ... makasii iia ;(

  12. haahahah betul! thanks for visit :)


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