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MAKEUP PLAY: Sailor Jupiter

Hello~! Long time no post about make-up playing! This is my first time doing a makeup play with another Blogger Ladies. I am super excited!!

We made a theme for collaboration, and dealed with SAILOR MOON concept! We love Sailor Moon as well because we born at 80-90's era. I also love Shinchan, Doraemon, Minky Momo, P-Man, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, arrrgghh so many to write  here!!! I miss my childhood then :')

Here are our makeup play collaboration!!! *drum roll*

edited by miss Felicia Permata Halim
Let me introduce *ehemm*. Visit their blog, they are all amazing blogger ^^

1. Miss Felicia Permata Halim - Bubblegum Happiness - as Sailor Moon (Usagi). She loves this character so much, look at that wand, I used to have that but now it's gone :[ See her makeup HERE

2. Miss Rini Cesillia - Purpely Hazel - as Sailor Neptune (Michiko Kaio). See her makeup HERE

3. Me - Rhea - as Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino). I love this girl most.

4. Miss Via - Via Violet Xue - as Sailor Venus (Minako Aino). See her makeup look HERE.

Why I choose Sailor Jupiter? Because I like her personality. She is very calm and tough. Yet very tall and charming :D

Well, this is my look, dunno if look alike or not :p
I call it "sailor jupiter in pajamas" I don't have nice brown/green top, as I love white and peach top so much.

eye close up

Product used:
Too Cool For School BB Cream Lunch Box
MAC eyeshadows
Lioele Dollish Glittery Liner
Poupee Eyelashes
Etude House Eye Cream Mint
Maybelline Smudge Eyeliner
Etude House Oh M-Eye Liner
Etude House Lip Concealer
Etude House Cherry Tint

I want to make another collaboration again with those lovely Ladies, what concept would you recommend for us? :D

Thanks for visit..


  1. i like the look! its really cute. and i do actually get a sense that you are sailor jupiter. hahaha. good job!

    xoxo Sarah

  2. wohooo.. keren eye makeupnya say. jempolan! (y)

  3. ooh, so pretty! loving the look! ^_~

  4. ihhh cakepnyaa .. waktu aku masi kecil aq juga suka banget sama sailor green, sayang pas di ending prtarungan dy mati, uhuk" >.<

    1. hahahahah msa si aku lupa dy mati/ga..huhuhuhu uda lama bgt
      thanksss <3

  5. suka banget sama eyes makeupnya. pretty <3

  6. i love sailormoon!!! <3 great makeup look :)

  7. So pretty >//<
    Aku suka banget warna hijaunya, duh jadi keinget sailormoon deh. Dulu nonton mulu di depan tipi sambil ngikutin gerakannya.
    Oh ya,aku follower baru,salam kenal sis ^^

    'dengan kekuatan bulan,aku mau memfollow blogmu sis!'
    lol :p

    1. hahahaha iya ya dengan kekuatan bulan, tapi apa sailor jupiter ngomong gtu juga? :O
      followed your blog too <3 thanks for visit

  8. Hai Kak Rhea, salam kenal :)
    Aku newbie nih sbagai beauty blogger. Ga sengaja nyasar sini dan nemu postingan bagus ini.
    Ah! aku suka sama warna hijaunya, wings eye liner-nya juga oke punya b^^d
    Oia, kalo boleh kasih komentar, di sini mukanya mirip banget sama Sunny SNSD.
    Followed your blog yaa Kak ^^

    1. thanks dear, salam kenal juga ya ;) <3
      hahaha ada bbrp sih yg blg gtu >.< jadi terharu *lohhh
      blog mu apa? biar kufollback :)


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