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Beauty Fair 2013 with Meganevet + The Balm Beauty Gathering


Today's post is about Beauty Fair 2013 that held in PX Pavillion, St Morritz, Jakarta Indonesia. I were invited by Meganevent couple weeks before. I was so excited because there would be so many beauty vendors and discounts there!

Well. Let me tell the whole story :)
I met the other beauty bloggers, like Jesslyn, Fweggy, and Sonia. They are all so pretty ^^
We sat together around square table for The Balm Beauty Gathering.

full of the balm cosmetics!

Then, Miss Jovanka, as the spoke person from The Balm Indonesia came to share a presentation about The Balm. So, I knew that The Balm is a brand from USA, and it has a strong principle that beauty can comes with a little time, and no need much tools to do with.

ms Jovanka.

She also said that The Balm cosmetic is paraben free, and against animal testing, showed by a little lovely pug dog as the animal icon of the brand.
Beauty can come in only 5 minutes, said Ms. Jovanka. This is the MUA, showed us to do quick and simple makeup for everyday use. Very interesting :D

These are the beauty vendors, it is very fun to deal with discounts! LOL.

Recently, beauty box is really popular in Indonesia, the first Beauty Box that I know is Beauty Treats.
Have you ever wondering who is the main person behind it? Guess what, she is so pretty!! >D<

she is pretty, isn't she????

Next tables, NYX.

Next, SAMPAR, a cosmetic from Paris. Seriously I really love the design and packagings, very simple and promising. The sales girl gave me a try of their best seller product: SAMPAR Glamour Shot Yeux, cream that could be used as makeup and skin care to protect eye's around skin.

OMG! I feel sooooo much better with a cream called SAMPAR Age Antidote, it comes with mint and light cream that made my under eye skin feel so freshhhhh! I want itttt T_T (cost US$ 60 LOL)..

must have!
Next, Gwendollyn store. Sell lotions, lipbalms, body mists, etc.

I love this scent, called sakura's bloom :D fresh and feminine.

Pandalia Shop
Next, Wet 'n Wild.

D'Eyeko False Lashes. I had two of Princess Syahrini's series, but haven't try it yet. I would use it for special occasion/events because it's really 'cetar membahana' LOL (in English means dramatically).


Next, Felize Nail Art by Miss Felicia Irene. handmade nail art.

This is UV gel lights, that keep the nails clean, stay perfect and far from chapping.

This is Miss Felicia Irene, she's so adorable and friendly!!!! ^^

me with her.

Her NOTD, lovely and very prettyyyyyyyy :D

Not missing this, The Balm Cosmetics shots!!!! Want them so badly but I have no money noowwww (whyyyyyyy nowwww? LOLOLOL)

The Balm Balms Away Eye Remover, a very very very useful tools to quickly erase your eye makeup. It works!!!

The Balm NUDE Palette and Meet Matt(e) Palette, I adore these all! The NUDE one is have shimmer color, and the Matt(e) comes with pretty matte colors :D

From left to right, up to down: The Balm blush, swatches, Mary-Lou Bronzer, Eyeshadows, Hot Ticket Nails.

The Balm Balm Jovi Palette, so lovelyyyyyy ergghh!

This is Me, Sonia, Miss Emily, and Jesslyn. Fweggy was busy travelling around the event :(

AH! Guess what? In the gathering, Ms. Jovanka asked us to write a short review on a paper about what product we like and she would give prizes to two winners. Annnnndddd I WON IT!!!!! Whoaaa, very happpppyyyyy ^^
This is what she gave me: The Balm HOT MAMA! I love this :') thanks Ms. Jovanka!!!

All of us got freebies, a goodie bag *yeaaayy!*
Here what we've got:

1. The Balms Away chocolate
2. Orlane Creams in sample
3. Free Facial Treatment value Rp 500.000
4. Orlane Pouch

That's all I can share from the Beauty Fair 2013 by Meganevent!
Till next post!


  1. huhu... pengen banget kesana. bisa gelap mata. belanja ga rhea disana?

  2. The beauty boxes looks soo cute! *-*

  3. wah seru banget ya kayaknya.. congrats say jadi pemenang! hihi ^^

  4. ah sayang sekali kita ga ketemu rhe... aku kesana pagi.. ketemu jesslyn ama fweegy doank

    1. pantessaaannnn aku tunggu2 km kga ada, pdhl ada di daftar namaaaa hehehehe sayang bngttt next time ktmuan reen <3

  5. Thanks dear udah dtg ke event... Reen.. Dirimu yg mana? Kok kita ga ktmu ;)
    Btw ditggu postnya sai :) get free goddy bag again for the best post for beauty blogger :)

  6. huahah makasiih dear udah potoin boothku... ^_^

  7. It should have been soooo fun !

  8. aaaaaaaa,nice to meet you gita ga banyak ngomong gara" kemaren aku rada autis sendiri x_x
    miss my hair :'(

    with love,

    1. ahahahha iyaaa gpp ^^
      nice to meet you too dear! <3


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