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TUTORIAL: Sweety Natural in Pink + PHOTOSHOOT: Absconding Reality ft. Benefit Cosmetic Indonesia


I am so excited to write this post. I want to share a tutorial for all of you, but today is different, why? because the tutorial is not me as the model and makeup guru. This time, please let me introduce, Miss Jill, an official Benefit ID's makeup artist and also Miss Fina, our model today.

Wondering how I did this?
Absconding Reality, my photography house is COLABORATING with Benefit ID to make this photo flight session! Me and Miss Marina - Benefit ID public relation - discussed about the concept and we found this: "Sweety Natural in Pink Benefit Babes". That's sound pretty cool! Love it :D

So, the photo flight was held early of July in Plaza Indonesia, where Benefit ID opens their first pop-up store in Indonesia.

I picked up Miss Fina in the morning and we arrived in Plaza Indonesia at around 11 am, then Miss Jill was ready to make over her.

Just let's get into the tutorial rite? ^^
Enjoy. Click to enlarge it. You might save it if you want.

disclaimer: these photos were taken from my camera, and edited by me, officially recorded only for benefit cosmetic indonesia.

seriously this primer is WONDERFUL! Miss Fina fell in love and bought one! lol

the most favorite foundation ever! nice coverage!

cute packagings everywhere!

benefit's eyeshadows mostly had natural and soft colors, unlike fashion professional brands like MAC, Makeup Forever, etc. It's very nice to be everyday usage.

Look at THAT BROWS!!! Adorable!!! Very sharp, neat, and lovely.

Curious about the results? LOL
Check these out! ^^

with miss Jill, the Benefit MUA

can't get enough? please click this link

Do you love it girls? What do you think? Tell me what Benefit products that become your favorites! :D

And don't forget to like my photography house Absconding Reality, also the Benefit ID fanpage.

See you in another photoflight! Love from Absconding Reality Photography :)


  1. That is so great! I absolutely love Benefit products. They are fantastic.

  2. fokusnya ga nahaaan rhee :O *mangap* pake lensa apa rhe ini?

    1. wkwkkwkwk thanks vaaa <3
      pake canon 50 fix ^^

    2. pengen ih difotoin rhea biar cakep haha
      btw aku follow blogmu yaa :D

  3. bagusss bgt poto"nyaa (*.*) itu lensa mu pake 50mm atau standard ? hehe

  4. waaahh.. fotonya keren2 git, fokusnya juga top!

  5. Bagussss.... bikinnn ngilerrrrr hahahaha... keren deh bener tutorialnya

  6. Bagus fotonyaaaa *_* ajarin akuuu git hahaha.. ga jago2 motonya aku >_<

  7. love benefit n love ur foto gita!!

  8. kereennn sekaliii rhea
    coba situ jadi modelnya juga haha *trus sapa yg motret*
    always love benefit products <3 porefessional emang nyess

    1. ahahahah aduh jadi maluuuu >.<
      iyaa porefessional bagus tapi dompetku lgs kering akakakak
      thanks ya ren :*

  9. yang ngambil gambarnya cantik fotonya juga cantik
    perfect banget lah ><

  10. wow! you look stunning love ;)

  11. aaa bagus rheaaa aku mau donk dipotoin HIHIHIHIHIHI

    1. ehhh ada mama cantikk <3
      thanks ya ceee hehehe

  12. OOo, thank you for the tutorial!

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