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REVIEW: Cow Brand Skin LIFE Face Wash and Lotion


Today's review is about Cow Brand, a healthy brand from Japan, not really known in Indonesia. They sent me products to review: Skin LIFE acnes. 

Recently I got my anger with acnes on my face, they don't want to leave my face! I have many small acnes, not the big one. It really annoys me, I hope this products can help me as well.

they sent me with pink ribbon! ^^

this is the facial wash with foam

and this is the facial lotion to use after washing face

I found tutorial on the official website here. And you can see the rest of SkinLIFE series here. Simple and VERY EASY to use! Yay for that. I hate treatment with many many many creams to go! -__-'

SkinLIFE Foaming Face Wash
It has a really soooooofffffttttttt texture, LOOOVEEE it! It really soft, trust me! I can use it with my pore brush to clean my clogged pores too. And what I love the most is the smell! Seriously, it has nice smell, not like "milky" smell as I thought before, but kinda like more floral smell but so gentle ^^

I feel my face is much CLEAN after using this, and it do refresh my skin. The facial foam doesn't seems to remove my acnes, but it does make my face less oily, so acnes won't born again.

What I Like:
♥ Lovely smell
♥ Super SOFT texture
♥ Cleans very well
♥ It has pump! Easy to use and very hygiene.
♥ Cute packaging

What I dislike:
* Not travel friendly

SkinLIFE Face Lotion
It has liquid texture, just like mineral water and another toner. No different.
The smell is quite good, not killing my nose lol. I'm using this lotion after washing my face, and before doing my makeup. It's a very good product, it kills my acnes, but can't remove the scars.

What I Like:
♥ It's like medicine to my acnes
♥ Soft smell
♥ NOT sticky at all
♥ Quick to absorb to face
♥ Refresh my face but no mint sensation
♥ Cute packaging
♥ Travel friendly

What I Dislike:
* Nothing (except I hope it would be nicer if using spray packaging instead of bottle) - you know - would much ergonomic to use :)

shimmering first, then absorb quickly leave smooth sensation.

Where to get this?

You can find this products easily in local drugstore like Watsons, Guardian, or Century :)

till next post!


  1. Thanks for the share. I love foamy face wash.Quick easy and fun to use

  2. i'd love to try this brand! :)
    thanks for the review


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