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REVIEW: Princess Mimi Lens #Brown

Hello Girls! I got many many manyyy request to make a review about this contact lens. Okay. I admit it, I have looked for this lens from a lonnnnggg time, and I fell in love for the first time I saw this lens!

You know that this lens were used by Tsubasa Masuwaka while promoting the Dolly Wink lashes, I am not a big fan of her, but I do adore her eyes and cute things of her! ^^

I had my Princess Mimi from Colorful Lens, the owner's name is Novi, a beautiful friendly friend of mine :) You will got discount by mentioning my name only ^^

I love the pattern, brown just perfect for me!

Made in Korea
Diameter : 14.8mm
Kadar air : 42%
BC : 8.6mm
Expired date: 1 tahun

color 4.9 of 5
it has really cute brown color with red touch somehow! I can look anime-ly or dolly with this lens, and yet naturally in one hand~ yuhuuu super love!

enlargement 5 of 5
14.8 mm? I think it's enough for me, I don't wanna hurt my eyes with bigger diameter -_-
It's dolly and anime and natural enough! I got all what I want! ^ 3^)/

please bare my unhealthy skin at that moment T_T

comfort 4.8 of 5
it is super duper ultra thin! Seriously I had my last GEO lens and I think this GEO will hurt my eyes, but it's not! I feel very comfort, even in my air conditioned room for about 7-8 hours. 

What I Like:
♥ Enlarge my eyes
♥ Dolly look
♥ Can look natural too
♥ Somehow looks reddish under the sunshine :D :D :D
♥ Very comfortable

What I dislike:
* Nothing

Where to get this?


get minus 10.000 IDR for any lens OR free solution 60 ml

mentioning miss rhea blog

valid until: forever


  1. sumpaaaah cakep amat di kamu say >,< aku punya yg almond, jadi teracuni pengen yg ini juga jadinya hihi nice review say <3

    1. aihh makasii yaaa hehehehe..iya yg almond jg bagus yaaa... benr2 ni geo lol

  2. Cute :)

    Giveaway on my blog:

  3. diameter kecil sprt mimi ini yg penting nyaman, bonusnya bikin mata keliata dolly >_<
    canttiiikkk bangeeeettt kamu git!!! foto ketiga ga nahan senyuman mautnyaaaa :3 <3

    1. iya wie, bner banget, nyaman di mata enak yaaa :3
      hahaha, kamu juga cantikkkk <3 makasi sayang

  4. look so cute! Love the lens you are wearing. I wanna try it out too =)

  5. Gittt, suka bgt sama foto2 km... baguuus!!
    Cutenya kebangetan iiih... hahaha :D

    1. aiih cc bisa ajahhh hahaha, cc jg cantiknya kebangetann!! <3

  6. uwaaaa ada artis cantik dari korea :D hihihi cc pake full frame ya atao lensa 50mm ? bagus" bgt poto"naa <3

    1. gak tau shan, itu dipotoin tmn aku, kynya sih pake zoom gtu bukan lens fix, hehehehe..
      makasi cantiiikk ^^

  7. omg you look so pretty with those contacts on >.<
    Under natural sunlight your eyes look amazing~

  8. so lovely <3
    Yuk mampir and follback blog saya jika berkenan <3
    - -

  9. Great Review, you look so stunning ♥! Pretty as always ..
    Ijin share review Princess Mimi juga ya :D

    xoxo ♥♥

  10. Such a lovely review! The lenses look so pretty on you <3
    Currently I´m searching for new pair of Circle Lenses and I didn´t know that these brown princess mimi lenses looks so natural. *-* Thank you for your review I will definitely get them :3

    Lots of Love <3
    Inspiring Thing

  11. suka sama fotonya yang terakhir, bajunya juga lucu nyan :3
    tapi kayanya kalau aku kurang cocok sama 2tone kaya gitu ;^;


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