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Black Brides - Absconding Reality - Halloween 2013

Hello Ladies! Back to my Absconding Reality photoflight! Can you guess? It's HALLOWEEN time! Yeaaayy!! Remembering my last halloween shoot - Countess Abigail (click for see the photos) - it's a year already :')

So, this halloween I make a mega project, collaboration with my beauty blogger friends, they are effing awesome~!!! Incredibly talented and super gorgeous! I can't express more, very fascinated with them!
So, shall I introduce them? My very pretty Black Brides from 1920. Don't be scared, they don't bite, but only shadowing you at night . . . . .

This is Iva Asih E. C. from
FYI, this girl is really getting used to making horror/strange makeup tutorial on her blog. She's really fast at makeup!! Never expected that before, but really, her makeup is really great and fast! Thumbs up!

This is Falaqie Nila from
She is just the same with Iva, she loves horror and black colored makeup. But at this theme, she said that she's quite challenged to try this kind of makeup, its Europe makeup! LOL, and she's really did it very well! Very very pretty Nila!!! And FYI, she. made. her. upper. sewed. knitted. tops. by. herself.

Nah. This is Rini Cesillia from
You know, she is NEVER did this kind of makeup all over her life until now! Whoaa I can persuade her! Because I know she would doing great at this makeup too! You can see the result, she's far from Korean but still very beautiful, I adore his elegant look :D

This is Riyanti from
She is the most "cute" black bride among us! So fresh and elegant at the same time, loveeee it. I am very impressed with her talent to make hairdos. She help me a lot to arrange the hair at that day, yet she has a big box of makeup and hair accessories! You are very complete and I love you! ^^


All I can say is: they are all awesome~!!
Their makeup, style, preparation, acts, expression are GREAT, they are not models or theater artist, but they can act, pose, and handle everything! I love having this collaboration with you Ladies! :')

We arranged this photoflight from about a month ago, talked about the stuffs, references, and place, thanks to GOD, everything went good at that day!

Visit their blog to see their version and their makeup closer. You may ask them the tutorial if you want. Hehehe, they don't bite.


These are "behind the scenes" photos, having so much fun with them! So busyyyy~ LOL

personally i want to say much thankyou to:
1. Iva's grandma, and the house too - thankyou!!
thankyou for the food and welcoming family, love you!
2. Riyanti's boyfriend - Bang Jun, thank a lot for helping us, directing the pose, take good care of us!
3. All of you! Thankyou for making effort to this project shoot, you all should get thousand thumbs!

Read the complete story tale HERE.
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and at last.....

wants to great you

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    Thumbs up untuk kalian semuaaaa...
    Mantapppp. Kehabisan kata2 deh diriku. Aaaa pengen teriak KEREEENNNN

    1. makasi ciii yaampun ak terharu banget, makasi dukungannya yaaa <3 <3 muaahh!

  2. My goodness! I don't know how you guys did it but you guys are FREAKING good! Scary but all of the girls look sooo freaking gorgeous! These really do look like the old day pictures and the outfits and accessories really were amazing! You did such a good job *.* Amazing job!!! I want to see more of this too! :)

    1. thankyou so much dear, yes, i adore them too! they made themselves just like european women, they are great makeup artists! thankyou for your lovely comment :D i will always making new updates!

  3. makasih ya git atas foto2nya yg keren2 :')
    akirnya diriku sudah biasa melihat diriku yg horor ini ahhahahaha XD
    mamaku td br kukasi liat, katanya ihh serem bgt :p
    makasih ya git, yeay, smoga bs ikt project km lagi d lain ksempatan :* ^^

    1. sukses dong rin kita bisa bikin orang merinding hehehe..
      ni juga berkat kamu yang bisa berekspresi keren, emang cakep dah diapain juga kamu maahhhh :* :*

  4. Ngeliatnya seruuu bangeet heehee.. bagus, cantik, sexy and yang g kalah pentig 'horror' diliatnya xiixii...

    1. heheheh makasi Reree <3 <3
      iya ni berkat model2nya juga :D

  5. Replies
    1. aaahh maakaasiiihhh kak vinddd, seneng banget dipuji dirimu :D

  6. Replies
    1. hehe makasi shaa, sayang banget kamu ga bisa ikut ya T_T

  7. so stunning!!!! aak fotografer favoritkuuu hihii :* :*
    jadi beda banget ya..keliatan banget tetep lucuuuu..sukaaaa <3

    1. makasi sayangkuuu :*
      hehehehehe... iya mereka jago2 tuh gaayanyaaaa <3

  8. kereeeen kereeen bangeeet >.< fotograferny jg kereeen abisss mancaaaap banaa <3

  9. i love the artistic photos and the whole theme of the pictorials!! very creative and creepy!!! definitely hit on the halloween trend ^_~ Great job rhea as well to all the models!! make-up is surreal ^_~ Rini is awesome!! =) of course the rest of the models as well ^_~

    1. yesss rini is out of her comfy zone, janet! heheh
      thanks for comment, miss youuuuu >.<

  10. i love you fotografer cantikku <3 hihihi
    makasih rhea syg atas foto2nya yg keren, walaupun d belakang kamera tapi kamu selalu terdepan di hatiku *gombal teruss! hahahaha

    1. hahahha mau dong va dpeluk kamu biar bisa kurusan aku nihhh hahaha
      makasi lagi ya sayang :*

  11. omagah, sungguh ini keren sekalihhhhhh <3 cucok bgt emg sama temanya Halloween, mau doooong dipoto sama rheaaa :3 hahahaa you did such a great job, girlsssss <3

    1. hehehehh hayukkkk :D
      makasi cantik! ini gara2 model2nya juga keren!

  12. Rhea everyone looks super gorgeous and I adore the photos, the lighting, the horrid atmosphere, makeup, pose and outfits <3 one day I would love you to take my own creepy (but cute haha) photos of myself when I have some spare cash haha xD your photos all look wonderful :3 love it!

    1. thankyou so much misa!
      i bet you will always look cute, in whatever themes! love your cutie look always :D :D

  13. hi sista, belnja yuk di setelah mencapai 200 likes, kami akan membuat program pensponsoran..

    1. hai, please jangan spam jualan di komenku yaa :)
      setiap postingan aku masa kamu komen kaya gini? thankyou ^^

  14. daebaaakk! ini mah maxi kerennya ce!
    tema keren, makeupnya keren, pose keren, fotografernya juga keren, semuanya deh :3

    great job! <3

  15. super kereeeennnn...semuanya cantik2..dandanannya seru2...asyiiikkkk...=D

  16. uwooo semuanya keren2 banget, fotografernya juga keren ♥


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