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REVIEW: Cow Brand - Bouncia Milky Body Wash

Remember my favorite facial wash from Cow Brand? It's Cow Brand Skin Life Face Wash, currently in love with that face wash, click the link for my review. I bet you would love it too! :)

So few weeks ago, Cow Brand sent me another product to try. It's a body product, please give a look to  Cow Brand - Bouncia Milky Body Wash!! Yeeaaayyy!

I loooove milk, the drink, scrub, scent, and also body wash! Thankyou Cow Brand. I fall in love with this too!

It comes with bulky packaging just like another body wash packaging, and of course it's not travel friendly because this only can be placed at your bathroom :)

The caption (in Indonesian): Sabun tubuh yang kaya dengan moisturizer melindungi kelembapan kulit dengan busa yang padat dan lembut. Busanya yang padat dapat membantu mencegah kulit dari gesekan kotoran. Kulit anda akan terasa lembut dan halus. Perawatan tubuh menjadi lebih mewah dan menyenangkan bersama BOUNCIA.

The main idea is: take a bath with BOUNCIA will leave luxurious and moist feelings ^^
And for me the claims are paid.

Here's the short video, I'm showing you the texture, it is really really really watery, far from my thoughts, I thought it would be creamy just like the illustration on the packaging LOL

Firsr apply on palm, after few rubs with water, VOILAAAAA, it has much bubbles!!! Loveee it!

What I Like:
♥ Much bubbles!
♥ Soft luxurious smell
♥ Moist my body
♥ Leaves smooth feeling
♥ Feels clean
♥ Easy to get in Indonesia

What I Dislike:
* Not ready for travel friendly packaging (smaller size with cap)

Where to get this?

I think it can be bought at local official drugstore like Watson, Century, Guardian, etc.


  1. Beli dimana sih Cow Brand ini T_T

    1. di watson gtuan ada kok Lin, tapi yg rada gedean watson centurynya gtu hehehe <3

  2. lagi banyak yang review ini , jadi pengen beli deh ;)

  3. uwaaaa pengen nyoba tp di tmpt q cr" blm nongol" yah jd g sabar ce >.< hihi tp lmyn yah hargany coba aja ad yg lebih kecilan lg

    1. iya di sana rada susah ya distribusinya T_T
      iyaaa bner, ini gede banget wkwkw :p

  4. makin pengen cobain ini git..huhuw >_<
    bnyak yg suka sm sabun ini T______T

  5. aihh..pengen cobain..tapi sabunnya belum masuk pontianak =.=

    1. huaaa..bisa order online ga yaaa..harusnyua bisa dh setau ak >.o

  6. sis, nice review dan salam kenal ya :)
    kalau mau beli bouncia bisa mampir ke ^^


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