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REVIEW: Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow

Hello pwetty girls~ Another Korean beauty product review is here ^^
Thankyou so much Mslie-Collection for sending me this Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow to review purpose.

Actually, I am not a typical person who love to change my eyebrow shape everyday. I am very comfortable with my "straight korean eyebrow" style nowadays. So this Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow seems pretty interesting to try!

It can helps you to make a long-lasting eyebrow shape. And it's written: 7 days.
The packaging is simple, with good-lock cap that surely good for travelling, the color is just plain and ordinary.

Actually there are two colors of this product, #1 is natural brown (which is I got) and #2 dark brown. Too sad there's no grey color, remembering that I have very deep black hair. I don't really know if this #1 color suits me. Let's try ^^

The best point of this product is: it has very sharp tip so I can draw the brow easily! Whatever shape, just easy to draw :D

Swatch on my hand, and it's seriously very bright and pretty! I guess it will suit for those who got blonde hair best!! :D

Direction: just simply draw your eyebrow like usual, in whatever shape you want! FOR BEST RESULT, use it at night before sleeping.

This is the result, in day 1 and day 6. It still there! Seriously I am quite amazed with this product because it can pay what had claimed before. I washed my face everyday, cleaned with eye remover, toner, etc, and its still there, until day 6 - 7, its gone! *yeaaayy*

There's no much different in day 6, yeah, it faded but I can say that this product is really good. No need to make eyebrow in my office days!! So happppyyyyyy!!! ^^

Remember my FOTD in this photo? I am using this eyebrow, and I am happy knowing it is very natural though my hair is black! Loveeeeeeee it!! See my post here for my eyeliner tutorial in this photo.

MsLie only SELL ORIGINAL items from Korea, she brought it herself to Seoul! So I have no worry to buy something with her!! Thankyou Ms Lie! Grab this product at her online shop, get FREE MANY KOREAN SAMPLES mentioning my blog name: rheablog

Contact Mslie-Collection :
WhatsApp : 087783251710
Pin BB : 28AB3BEC
Facebook :

What I Like:
♥ Has sharp tiny tip
♥ Can proof the promised tag
♥ Easy to carry
♥ Natural finish

What I Dislike:
* no grey color! T___T
* plain packaging #slapped LOL
* has sheer color, but after multiple line it becomes darker and darker (don't know should write this point as positive or negative :| ~)

I am RECOMMEND this product for whoever here who has busy activity every day but still want to look good :)
Very practical!

See you at next post!

Anyway, siapa suka treatment/facial/meni-pedi/body care spa?
Ada diskon untuk reader-ku special deh baca disini yaa :)


  1. Such an interesting product! Wonder if it can be removed if I make a mistake though... Thanks for the review!

  2. cantikkkk :D jadi pengen coba juga nih..simple ya git, hasilnya juga natural ga bold gitu ^_^

    1. makasiii wi cantikkk :*
      iyaaa mayan terang tapi di rambutku XD

  3. ini dicuci muka / pake makeup remover jg ga ilang gitt? *o*

  4. Kayaknya seru nih coba produk ini. Cuma mesti hati-hati buat eyebrownya ya, kalo salah dikit hilangnya lama bisa brabe setiap hari alisnya aneh hahaha

    1. hahah iya ceeeee aaahhhh klo salah bisa jelek seminggu wkkwkwkwwk Xp

  5. sheer yah non.. cocok buat harian mmg.. hihihi ^^

  6. Wah, Iya bener tuh katanya ce Lia, kalo smpe salah bisa berabe ntar seminggu kyk gitu x(

    1. hahah emberr, tapi makany dia sheer banget sihhh tipis banget, jadi bisa ektra ati2 :D

  7. ini yang saya butuhkan..cuss ah segera beli hehehe

  8. wah sampe seminggu ga ilang-ilang? cocok banget buat yang sibuk jadi bisa menghemat makeup time. coba ada yang abu-abu/hitam ya, alisku dan rambutku warnanya hitam juga ce..

    1. bner banget dev! hahaha... bner2 bisa hemat waktu meskipun bbrp detik/menit kan lumayaaann XD
      tapi yg shade 2 mungkin cck di kita say :D

  9. wah asik nih seminggu gak perlu ribet2 ngurusin alis wkwk
    thanks for the review ce ♥

  10. wah sayang warnany kurang masuk yaa d alis rambutmu :|
    hehe, but nice review ce gita.

    1. iya nihh, kurang maksimal yaaa, hehhe mungkin perlu coba ya shade 2 nih ak XD
      sama2 naaa :*

  11. bagus ya produknya :)
    pengen coba tapi sayang shadenya gak cocok sama alis aku T^T

    nice review and new follower ^^

    1. samaaa, aku jg ga cck warna ini, tp jadi pengen coba yg shade 2 sih ehhehe
      makasiii :)

  12. waah kalo salah dkit bisa berabe nih, masih susahh gambar alis nihh, tapi jd pengen nyoba juga, haha

    1. hahaha iya nihh, tapi untung warnanya sheer sih jadi salah dkit masi bisa ga kliatan :p

  13. pgen coba cuma warnanya... terlalu terang.. kalo pake model gini harus penuh penghayatan pakenya.. melenceng dikit malu 7 hari... hihihihiih

    1. hahha iya ceee.. eh ada shade 2 nya ce yg dark brown, kali aja masuk ke kita XD

  14. Hi..
    Aku tau blog kamu dari grup dan website indonesia beauty blogger.
    Beberapa kali saya baca-baca blogpost kamu, isinya menarik banget.
    Salam kenal ya dan sekalian meninggalkan jejak kalau tidak keberatan.


    1. hello~
      makasi ya uda mau mampir-mampir ke blog aku ^^
      semoga aku bisa memberikan yang terbaik terus, dan salam kenal XD

  15. Sista tau monomola eyebrow tatto ?
    Bagus mana sama tony moly ??

    1. waw aku blm coba sis hehehe, makasi ya nanti aku coba dl deh :D

    2. Iyaaa sis nanti kasih comment yah .. harganya jauh lebih murah dari tony moly loh sis .. makanya pengen tau hasilnya .. hehehe ..

  16. thanks for sharing nice information that is very beneficial for fashionable.

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  17. wahh.. jadi mau nyobaa haha *keracun*
    anw, main-main ke blog ku yahh.. ^^


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