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Christmas Look with Pinkcoco

Annyeong~! FINALLY I can make another makeup play post after a looong time! Actually I get sick, cold fever and sore throat for almost 2 weeks and it feels very terrible. I miss blogging so much I could say! I miss my readers and I miss my own world. Working in an office with 8 hours work kills my world slowly. But it's okay, I still can blogging with my free time, if I AM NOT SICK! *cry

Why am I rambles??? LOLOLOL~ So this is my super late Christmas Look with Pinkcoco Wig, thankyou so much Ms. Dewie Aprillia for giving me this Christmas gift (I won her giveaway!!)

I am super extremely happy to receive this wig!! Awwhhhhh thanks a lot! Anyway, this wig can be found in Shirayuki Online Shop. This is 1000% ORIGINAL Pinkcoco wig, with REAL packaging! Let's find out how to differentiate them!

The real Pinkcoco wig comes in good packaging plastic wrapped very good in it, and not in a standart white box!! Many online shops poisoned people saying that the original Pinkcoco wig is comes with white box labeled with the name "pinkcoco", but that's totally LIED!

Pinkcoco is a very qualified wig, original made from Taiwan, and yeah the price is quite expensive. But I don't mind to buy, because I believe that the price is worth the quality and ages.

tutorial for using wig

Also in the price, you will get hairnet, super quality comb, and a cute bag :)

Trust me, this is the best wig ever. It has very very very SOFT and gentle texture, my hair even not that soft! LOL *sigh

I ADORE THIS COLOR! I loveeeee the ombre look with soft pink in under!
 I forget the code, I will tell you later once I've found it XD

Of course, it's a wig, real human hair mixed with synthetic fine fibers. But its really natural and I love how the scalp looks like! Look at the texture, thick, soft, yess, very niceeeeee!

OMG. Thankyou Ms. Dewie and Shirayuki Online Shop for this Christmas gift (let me call this a xmas gift XD)

♥ The wig is really natural, none believes that this is a wig! That's the most important part when choosing a wig! 

Thanks for reading, and happy Christmas to all of my beauties here~ Peace within us always and Jesus bless you!

Warning: lots of selfies XD

I used Ageha Icy Grey from Japan Softlens
Belanja di Web, Discount ongkir sampai 15.000 + Point Belanja 5%!!

Japan Softlens | Jual Warna Softlens Nyaman Asli Jepang♡


  1. Fallin' in love with this look♡♥
    Really cute>.< lovely!!♡♥♥
    gemezzzzzzzz. hihihi.. komennya sama.. lol

    1. heheheh makasii ciciku yg cantik!!! aku juga gemes sm cici :* :*

  2. ahh too cute to be true lah ci >.< *envy
    warnanya cocok banget, bener2 sukkkaaa <3
    get well soon ci gita :)))

  3. Cantik bangeeettt >< kaya org Korea ceee :D

    1. karena rambut dan makeuppp XD kwkkwkw
      makasiii <3

  4. foto pertamanya bikin melting ><♡♥ jadi pengen belii git, viruss bgt nh review nya haha

  5. ihhh cuteee kebingitiiiin >.< ,wig nya juga lucu warnanya ^_^


  6. Cantik banget, wig nya lucu banget yaa ^^

  7. Bagus looo Git <3 Aku pertama liat fotomu jg ragu2 itu wig ato bukan.. kirain km ganti warna rambut :3
    Cantikkkk :*
    Kpn hr aku beli wig packagingnya ga sebagus itu :| ga ada sisirnya juga

    1. iyaaa vee, kmren tu juga ak beli palsu ternyata, harganya beda setengah sih sm yg asli ini kynya ><
      makasii vee cantik :*

  8. pretty :DD
    suka ituu bawahnya pink aa XD

  9. cocok git, jd ky artis korea beneran :D

  10. cocok banget warnanya sama kamu git :* kirain kemarin bakal terang banget ya, ternyata natural gitu..asyikk asyikk bisa dipake ngemall donk :* :*
    cakeepppp, cantikkk, kawaiii dehh hihi

    1. iyaaa ak pkir jg bakalan terang banget ternyata natural masih :D
      makasi banget dewieeee :* :*

  11. cantik banget ci >.< cocok sama kulit dan mukanya XD
    jd kaya orang korea :3

  12. wahhh!! the hair looks so real!! <3

  13. foto yang lagi ketawa keliatan gigi mirip suzy miss a yah

  14. aaahhh kenapa ce gita mesti makeup play nya unyu unyu >.<
    lama-lama aku culik ntar XD

    1. ahh mau dong diculik, yuk kita jalan2 dev heheheh :*
      makasi yaaa cantik!

  15. Kamu cantik banget git, aku kira foto pertama kamu itu artis korea hahhaaa

  16. Cuteee git, warnanya cocok bt kamu ♥♥♥

    1. masi bagusan rambut asli ce viaaa <3
      makasi ceeee :*

  17. the wig is so cuteee~~~ love the ombre with pink color <3
    btw, I've followed your blog, mind to follow me back? ^^

    1. me too! LOL
      thankyouuuu and followed back :)

  18. pretty! :D

  19. pretty rhea!! I thought its your real hair!! so prettY! you look great with this shade ^_~

  20. Wahh uber-pretty detected!!!

  21. you're so beautiful!!

  22. Wah, gak percaya kalo ini wig. Bagus banget!
    And you look so cute with the wig! x

  23. Hai salam kenal ^^
    Itu wig-nya kliatan natural banget ga ky palsu hehehe...
    Btw pingin tau ngerawatnya gmn ya? Hrs d cuci jg kah?
    Klo berkenan silahkan mampir jg ke blog ak


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