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REVIEW: Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm

Every girl wants to look flawless in front of everyone. That's why skin care and cosmetics are girl's best friends. For me, I need a base makeup before putting all of the stuffs to my face. Thanks Lioele for sending me Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm - the most popular and best seller item from Lioele!

This is a balm, that can be used as base makeup.
Why primer/base makeup is SO IMPORTANT for me??
1. It help minimize my pores
2. Keep the pores closed and make it secure while using foundation/bbc
3. Protect face from pollution/dust/etc that can caused blackheads/acnes
4. Makes my face flawless
5. Control my sebum
6. Makeup could stay longer

And I declare to you that: Lioele secret pore rich balm is the best primer ever! As I tried so many base/primer, I found my soulmate! This is the BEST and my ending search for primer/base!

Why??? Let's find out why!

pretty packaging in a pretty box~ :3

The packaging is quite bulky but it's not heavy trust me :D
I love the design, so princessy with pink touch that makes me feel much feminine ^^

The texture is balm, really heavy, but so soft and gentle to touch. Also can quickly blend well in skin. Love it super love it!!

I always use this primer before any makeup and after my acnes lotion. As you can see in below picture, this is the swatch on my hand. LOOK AT THAT FINE LINES on 1st picture, and you can see it really matte on the last picture! It works like magic! (You may save the picture and zoom it, its medium size of quality!)

Even before any bbcream/foundation/powder I already can feel much better than my bare skin! It like airbrushing my face with something and can you guess when I'm using bb cream into it?? Yes baby, it's flawless XD
Thankyou so much for genius people behind this magic balm! *cheers*

hate my period acne over there :(

I really love for what it has done to my face, it has MATTE finish after all~ This primer is a MUST have in my cosmetic table and of course like I said before, I have fallen for this primer/base, so I won't give any care to another primer/base ^^

What I Like:
♥ Cute packaging
♥ BEST primer/base ever!
♥ Soft and gentle balm texture
♥ Easy to spread/blend to my skin
♥ Make my face feel flawless
♥ Protect my pores from dust/pollution
♥ Makes the makeup last longer
♥ Very good oil control!!!
♥ Nice smell
♥ It's like airbrush to my face
♥ Matte finish look!

What I Dislike:
* Quite pricey >.<

But every girl always want the best for herself right? For me, if the product worth the price, I would still buy and use it as my favorite :)

What is your favorite primer/base? Please use primer/base before any makeup, it can help stay you away from skin problems ^^

Where to get this?

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Thanks for visiting and reading my blog!
See you on the next post, Ladies :*


  1. Hahah ini cc banget nih.. Poresnya segede gaban.. wkwkwk
    Sayang bntuknya balm gitu.. kebiasaan primer liquid kali yahh.. heheh.. Tapi bisa deh masuk wishlist.. wkwkkw.. keracunan Gita nih..
    btw foto Gita cantik anett<3 kayak anime2 gitu :* hihih

    1. makasihhh cc ku yg cantiiikkk :*
      hehehehe aku suka banget ci iniiiii <3 <3

  2. wow the product really does make your skin look flawless, i love the effect! i wonder if we Malaysians have it here since I never saw it on the shelves of drugstores or beauty retail shops..

    1. in indonesia there's official Lioele store :D
      i think its also available in Malay, or you can get it from qoo10 Malay? ^^
      thanks for visiting me :D

  3. wiii ebad ce langsung bikin mulus halus gitu <3 suka bgt sm foto" cc ulzzang beuud <3

    1. makasiiii shannn :*
      heheheh berkat balm nyaaa XD

  4. gitaaaaaa kemarin sunscreen sekarang primer, jadi racunnya kapan berentinyaaah?hahahaha :))) gapapa git aku seneng diracun kamyu *catet wishlist* btw fotonya cantik bangetzzzumpah ,emeshh!

    1. hahahaha ah ipaaa bisa ajaaaa cium niiihhhh gemes aku juga sama kamooohh <3 <3

  5. ahh iyaaa drdulu mau beli gak jadi2 pricey soalnya xD
    thanks for the review ^_^

  6. ak jg suka banget iniii *u*
    cuma kadang2 suka males pakenya jd bb cream doang ~ hahaha
    foto2nya cantik git :*

    1. pake cel, sebelum bbc biar gak nyumbat pori sama bbc >.<
      thanks cel :*

  7. Git git, makan apa sih kamu kok bisa cute begitoo? Kasih rahasianya donk hahaha.
    Beneran kata iva, racun dari kamu nyebar terussss hahahaha

    Suka banget sama pose2 sm hasil fotonya. Kamu photogenic abisss ♥♥♥

    1. ihhh cc mahhh... cc juga cantik dan cuteeeee.heheheheheh...
      makasi cc cantikkk :*

  8. omg ini reviewnya bikin ngilerrrrrrr, anyway itu poto-potonya lucuk banget sih rhe :3 flawlesssss <3

  9. seems really effective :)

  10. kulitnya cece udah flawless pake itu jadi makin flawless *ngiri*
    itu fotd nya cantik-cantik >.<

    1. kaga flawless sayaaangggg >.<
      makasi yaaa devi cantiiik! :D

  11. aku dulu pernah pake, tp rasanya biasa2 aja :|
    ya ampun jerawat skecil itu doank jg git hahahaha XD

    1. di aku enak banget riiinn XD
      suka bangett eheeeh
      hahah iya ni ttp aja bekasnya gak ilang2

  12. Hai gita,kamu imut sekali. Btw udh pernah pake benefit porefessional atau the bodyshop yg teatre pore minimizer. Yang mana yg lbh ok ya? Thabk you...

    1. thankyouuu :)
      Saya uda pernah pake Pore Minimizer Benefit dan itu enak jugaaaa. harganya sama dengan Lioele ini kira2, tapi sepertinya saya lebih boros pake liquid hehehe.. Jadi saya prefer balm ^^
      Kalo TBS blom pernah coba..

  13. ahh aku suka foto yang pertama, eyelinernya >w<
    hoodie nya lucu ci, warnanya juga merah, huaaa pengen *salah fokus*
    btw, itu kayanya bagus ya, racun ini :3

  14. Great review! Your hair is super cute, by the way. : )

  15. Hello, i wanna know how long it will stay for the oil control? i have a bad oily face :/

    1. hi.. it will stay for about 7-8 hours in my combination skin type :)

  16. This looks really tempting but I am scared the matte finish will dry out my skin. I use a very greasy sun block as a primer. xD
    By the way you look very beautiful on those photos and your blog is super cute! ^w^


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