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REVIEW: Etude House Rosy Tint #8

Hellaaa~ Ready for another lip product review? LOL. Maybe I am a lil bit late, because this Rosy Tint Lips is no longer "new" in cosmetic world, so some of you might have read this before :p

I bought my self this tint because I really LOVE the color number #8 since the first time I saw on the internet! Then I pick this as my wishlist ^^

Personally I don't like this kind of lip tint packaging because it would be harder to re-apply, especially when in hurry condition :(
And the most horrible thing for me is: the sponge can become WET and uncomfortable to use after that! Imagine it, when applied on wet lips (because of saliva), or sticky caused of lipbalm beforehand!

I suggest you to NOT using any lipbalm before use this, in case if you want to use the sponge. For me, I just use the sponge for ONCE, next is, yeahh, using fingertip, more hygienic and easy T_T

The most happy thing from this is: I adore the color!!! OMG, this is just perfect for me XD

Yes, it can be used for gradation and full style XD

What I Like:
♥ Feminine packaging
♥ Long last in lips
♥ Suitable even for DRY DRY DRY lips like mine (it's not cracked!)
♥ LOVELY color just like a petal XD
♥ Nice smell

What I Dislike:
* The SPONGE! Euyhh!
* Quite hard to press
* Not really practical to use (since I use my fingertip instead)

Yappp, that's my honest review, hope can help or inspire :)
This is me, using this Etude House Rosy Tint Lips, no filter at all. What do you think? ^^

Actually this is my FOTD for Chinese New Year yesterday :D
So, happy lunar new year to all of my readers, prosperity health and wealth for all of us! *cheers!*


  1. ciciii ini rmbutmu udah di cat!!! :)
    baguss ci, aku jd pgn beli deh lip tint nyaa :)

  2. Gita, cantik banget kamu *o* rambut nya kereeen.. sexoooy lips nya.. hihihihi

  3. The shade looks pretty on you! And I'd have to agree with you on the sponge :(

  4. I love the color!
    You look so cute! x3
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  5. Aw aw aw cantiknyaaa. Gong xi Gong xi Gitaaaa.
    Suka rambutmu ^0^ (salah fokus haha)

  6. my pretty sister!! :*
    aku juga punya ini hihi warnanya cakeepp yg nomor #8 kayaknya paling cakep dr smua warna yaa..hihi

    1. inyaaahhh sistttttterrrr aku juga paling sukak yg ini :D :*

  7. iya ce yg plg bkn aq males dulu ps mw purchase ini gegara packagingny yg modelny dipencet gitu makany q purchase yg lip tintny <3 (pglmn yg begini hrs dipencet penuh dgn kasih syg, g bs cepet" klo g ngecrot kluarny kbyakan @_@) waaa cc cakeeep rapiii bgt apply eyelinerny :D

    1. huhuhu iya kan, geli2 gimana gtu deh T_T
      klo buru2 jadi messy malah hadehhhh... klo ga karena warnanya mah males beli tube gni wakkakaka...
      makasi cantik!

  8. aku juga punya ini..suka banget sampe ke ubun-ubuun xD
    semoga ini jadi produk permanen etude biar kalo uda abis ga pusing huhu

  9. dari awal keluar ga pernah tertarik sama packagingnya, walau warnanya banyak yg bagus, tapi sponge sama tube nya, say big NO, haha
    gong xi gong xi jiejie, may in this new year bring prosperity and health :)))

    1. iya packagingnya emg jelek banget, parahhh...
      gong xi too dear dina :*

  10. Lovely review! I have a love hate relationship with this line. The colours are awesome and fun but after awhile the sponge starts to smell… ><

    1. thankyouuu~
      yessss me too! that's why i never use the sponge anymore ><

  11. warnanya bagus ! >.<
    waa naksir sama rambut mu heheXD

  12. you look so kawaii/cute, would love the lippie if its vampiric hihi <3

    ~ amz88 of


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