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REVIEW: The Body Shop 4 Steps Smokey Eyes

Helloo~ Back with make-up review! Yay! This time I want to share about The Body Shop 4 Steps Smokey Eyes, from :D

Have I told you before that I adore smokey looks after ulzzang makeup? I was too excited to try this palette! Thankyou Cosmekita

It has medium black simple packaging, comes with two brushes: angled and flat.
Also there's mirror in it, make it more comfortable to carry on everywhere and anytime :)

Look at these beautiful colors!
Every colors has it shimmers, but when applied to skin, the shimmer is not too obvious, so let's conclude that this palette is semi matte and semi shimmering LOLOL~

With 4 gradation colors, we can easily make browny smokey looks! Can be both sexy and cute also :D

Look at the two cute tiny little brushes! Adorable! They have soft hair :p

Swatches on fingers and hand. Love how it pigmented in my skin! And of course, TBS eyeshadow never leaves any fall outs too much~

Swatch on eyes, make it very simple and quick for last party ^^
How do you think? I don't use any eye primer/base, still the colors standout~

Judging time!

What I Like:
♥ Pigmented colors
♥ 4 beautiful gradation browny colors
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Against ANIMAL tester!!!! (thats why i adore TBS products)
♥ Comes with soft brushes
♥ Don't leaves much fall outs

What I Dislike:
* Oldies packaging LOL

Thanks for reading my review, dear! This is my FOTD using this palette. Love ya~


  1. Aw aw si cantikkk, lama gak lihat selcamu Git ^0^
    cantik deh ^_^

  2. Bagus untuk sehari-hari
    Thanks for sharing
    Im Piccha

  3. aaa bagus banget warna warnanya *q*
    btw kamu bagus deh makeup smokey eye gitu,
    cantiiikkk ^^


  4. Aww, such a cute product! You look so, so beautiful dear! *O*

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  5. nice review... =)
    iyah ya, sayang packagingnya ngga cute..

  6. Git.. kamu sekilas mirip penyanyi avril.. tau kan? Ya alloh yg dapet goodie bag dari cosmekita, bagus2 ya isi nya..

    1. masa si kak? wkakwakw :p
      aku ngefans sama doi loh LOL

  7. cakepp >.< hihi.. anyway pengen kuas kecil gitu ga dijual terpisah sih ya.. hehe

    1. makasiii jesss :*
      hmmm, ada ga yah, blm perna liat sih di TBS konter hehehe

  8. Oh very beautiful palette! Has a nice packaging"

  9. Bgus matanya… ting ting *kedip kedip*

    1. masa si ce, itu jelek mnrutku, ga sebagus kalian blendingnya haha

  10. cakeeep banget ce <3 aq ud nyoba di counter emg jempolan ni tbs <3

  11. Ah I also love this palette.. I got mine in smoky plum

    The Body Shop 4 Step Eye Palette Review

    Salam Kenal yah

    Jean Milka

  12. gitaaa aku naksir kamuuu XDD wkwkwk
    cantikkk <3

  13. lama ga mantengin blog cc, cuma bisa buka dr email
    cc cantik :3
    btw, itu rambut baru ya ci?? ^^

  14. warnanya ajib pigmented banget.
    fotdnya selalu cantik deh, sini tak cipokin biar aku ketularan cantiknya cece XD

  15. bagus ya warnanya.. cocok banget buat smokey eyes :3

  16. Aiihhh bagusnyaa.. Naksir ini dari dulu T__T Nice post ^^


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