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REVIEW: Feiliya 4 Colors Eyeshadow

Hai Ladies~ Who loves to play with colors? Maybe I am not an eyeshadow junkie, but I still like playing with colors. Thankyou Born Pretty Store for sending me this blue palette!
Feiliya 4 Colors Eyeshadow, you may check the item HERE. Let's make a review! :D

The item itself has 4 colors: blue, brown, grey, and purple. I like the packaging, it has secure lock so I can bring it anywhere safely :)
It also has mini mirror and a mini eyeshadow sponge inside. So useful and travel friendly ^^

Type: Powder
Texture: Shimmer
Quantity: 1Pc
Weight: 40g
Color: 4 Colors
Pattern: 4 patterns available

I choose BLUE among all, hahahaha, because I love blue, it has soft and powerful aura for me LOL.
Yes, it shimmering, but when applied on eyes, I cannot tell it's a matte or glittery finish. ^^;

Uhhmmm...... I am really SORRY if my eye makeup is not too good for you, HAHA! Because I really seldom doing colorful eye makeup XD
But at least I tried right? What do you think?

What I Like:
♥ Nice locked packaging
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Bright and PIGMENTED colors
♥ Not really glittery in the finish look
♥ Has mirror and mini sponge
♥ No chemical/weirdo smell

What I Dislike:
* Not cute packaging lol

Where to get it?

Instagram: @bornprettystore @bpsfashion


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And also Born Pretty Store has DISCOUNT for lip products!
Click HERE for the catalog! Don't miss the discount, Lads :D

See you!


  1. i love the way you used your eyeliner *salah fokus*

  2. aakkkk long time no see hihi
    warna2nya bagus yaa..duhh bisa aja di jadiin eyeliner.. so stunning! :D

  3. birunya bagus dan pigmented ce, kayaknya cocok buat summer makeup gitu :D

  4. pas diaplikasiin ternyata gak se-shimmering di packaging ya :D thanks for the review!


  5. woow
    pigmented banget ya


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