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REVIEW: Natural Green Oat and Milkbath Body Scrub

Hi Ladies, I know every girl in this world admires good looking and healthy skin till death, right? For me, beauty is an investment for a lifetime.

I got this scrub from Natural Green, they have many favors, but I choose Oat & Milkbath because I love everything about MILK! Lol~

Usually, scrub can be used once a week, but I think this scrub is too smooth, and can be used twice a week, no problemo~ Anyone loves milk and vanilla scent here? I DO REALLY LOVE IT!

Annnnndddd guess what? The smell is really milky!!!!! Aaaaaaahh I super super love it! Creamy and milky, nyuuummmmm~ nom nom nom~ I feel like I wanna eat it :p

Also there is oats in the ingredients, did you know that oat is really good for skin and hair? You may check here for more info about benefit of oat :)
The texture is powdery (milk powder) and it is smell really milky (once again, brother and sister lol). So if anyone got allergic of that smell, better not choose this flavor.

Direction for using:
1. There is no actual amount, you may use it as much as you want.
2. Mix it together with water.
3. Voila! Your milk shake scrub is ready to use!
4. Spread and scrub it to the whole body, it is save to use for face too :)
5. Wait for +/- 3 minutes or more.
6. Rinse with water, and take a bath.

And I am more more more want to eat thissssss afterwards! LOL! It's really creamy and looks like a bowl of oatmilk porridge *droll*

It doesn't leave any smell after usage, which is great because it is the indicator of real natural ingredients, without chemical scent or else!

What I Like:
♥ Nice designed packaging
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Milk smell nom nom nom~
♥ Soft and gentle to use
♥ Makes my skin smooth
♥ Moist my dry body skin
♥ Easy to get, easy to use
♥ Natural ingredients

What I Dislike:
* Nothing

Where to get?

Natural Skin Care
Line: vinaveronica
Whatsapp: 08117016655
Catalog at instagram: @naturalgreen_tpi

There are many choices of body and face scrub in the catalog :)

See you in another post!


  1. i do love milk too ce! hehe
    jangan sampe dimakan loh ce scrubnya :p

    1. aaaaaaah wangi banget saaaayyyyy pengen aku jilat hihihi :p

  2. Pngen nyoba homemade lulur, pekejingnya jg lucu :D

  3. pingin nyobain ><

  4. Interesting scrub ^^

    恵美より ♥

  5. eehh cuteee.. packagingnya lucu banget! and it sounds like it smells good... meeeppp *tergoda*


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