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Brow Grooming at Browhaus Indonesia

One phrase before post: I AM SATISFIED! Hahaha! So much happy with my new baby brow! Opppss, I forget to tell you yesterday I went to Browhaus - a brow salon to save my uneven brow!

Super thankyou Browhaus Indonesia for giving me a chance to groom my uneven brow! Everytime I see my ugly brow, I always feel exhausted and sad, really, and I can't stand it anymore!

Browhaus Indonesia for now is only in Jakarta, located in Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and this time I visit its salon on Senayan City mall. The interior is so comfy, elegant, sophisticated and gorgeous, I feel like I was going to a futuristic salon! :D

It has many rooms for every customer, so you have your own privacy with the brow expert, and also you can ask whatever you need to know about the brow and products there.

Check up menu book! Yacks! So much uneven brow just like mine lol. Do your brow listed here? :p

It's the time! Yay! My brow expert was already waiting and me ready to fix my ugly brow! Bye byeeee~!!!!

Firstly of course I told her the truth that one day when I was younger, a makeup artist cut my brow and make it ugly, till last year I accidentally cut my own brow with scissors! I am so sad and the brow expert said it will be fine after this. She checked my brow and she claimed that I has many ingrown hair because of shaving effect. Ingrown hair makes my brow look bad.

Then she started to tweeze my brow.

LOOK AT MY BROW! It looks fabulous! Hahaha! But it too thin, not like my usual and original brow because of shaping first, and after few weeks, it will grow and look more thick :)

After shaping, the brow expert is coloring my brow with semi-permanent ink. She said it will last for few days if I don't wash or erase it with remover. Hmmmm~

Ta-daaa~! Voila~! Like magic, my ugly brow has gone and now I have a really pretty and neat pair of brows! Thankyou Browhaus Indonesia!

The brow expert also said that Browhaus always make a brow shape based on the customer's face shape. Because of my "heart shaped" face, she said the "archy" brow is the perfect result for me. At first I was so shock and terrified because I DON'T WANNA LEAVE my Korean signature straight brow style *cry* but after seeing the final result, I feel happy, still I can define my brow like usual (straight) with brow pencil, the most important thing is my brows are in the right shape and very neat to see ^^

The closer look. Yucks! I hate my old brow!

Yeaaaay~ I feel so much confidence boost hahaha, and this is my FOTD, sorry for my tired and bare face, I got lack of sleep :(

Once again, thankyou Browhaus Indonesia, for the chance, of course I will come back when my brows need help again :D

Browhaus menu:


Senayan City
Senayan City Mall, Lower Ground Floor, L-101
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta 10270, Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 7278 1486

Plaza Indonesia
Jalan MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Kebon Kacang LB 090/091
Jakarta Indonesia 10350
Tel: + 62 21 2992 3536

Grand Indonesia
West Mall, Lower Ground – 19
Jl. MH. Thamrin no.1
Jakarta Pusat 10310, Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 2358 0316


  1. Wow that hurt when tweezing brow? Your before brow so ugly nahhh.... Hyaa..but now i'd say "owkaayyy" XD
    But what happen to your face? Are u have loss some kg of your weight?

    1. iya jelek banget sumpah nop hahahah tp skrg bagus kaaaan? :*
      iya aku kurusannnn tp kynya cm skitar 3 kg say...

  2. iih pengen deh ke browhaus ini... dah banyak banget yang review bikin aku pengen kesana...
    dde mangkin cantik aja nih de

    1. pergi aja ce enak kok treatment dsana hehe
      makasiiii cc cantik :D

  3. jadi lebih rapi yah dan wajah jadi lebih kelihatan tegas :).

    Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D



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