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REVIEW: Dubai 3 Tone #Gray

Annyeong! Another circle lens review! Yuhuuuu~
This time thanks to Colourful Lens online shop, I love this Dubai 3 Tone 20.8 mm in Gray color. Super likey!

color 4.6 of 5
It's FIERCE and BRIGHT hahaha. You will look like a foreigner from western country if wearing this. Really! Loveee the brightness and I feel fierce everytime using this lens lol
But yeah, it's not natural at all, but still okay for me to wear this daily :p

enlargement 2 of 5
Weird. It said 20.8 mm (BIG ENOUGH HUH?) but not making any bigger effect, maybe because of there is no outer ring in the lens, hehehe..

comfort 4.5 of 5
Yes it is comfort and I love it hehehe.. The water content is 55% which is normal, but a bit too high for me and it's different to another people. 

IT IS VERY SUITABLE FOR DARK SMOKEY AND BOLD MAKEUP STYLE!!!! Sorry my capslock are broken ahhahahah I was just too excited lol. I used this for my Christmas photo session :)

Where to get this?


  1. pas dr deket agak serem ya, cocok bwt cosplay ..
    tp dr jauh msh oke dipake sehari" ya xD

  2. nyooonnngggg jiwa gue tersedot ke dalam bola mata lu. hahahah

  3. these lenses look amazing. I've never tried these, so nice :)
    great blog, very inspiring
    check out my blog too maybe we can inspire eachother? or follow, let me know and I will follow back :)


  4. Pretty as ussual.. <3 very bright color :)
    Jadi kaya orang bule..

  5. great post, and you look so beautiful, love your lens ^^
    would you like to follow each other?
    I'll follow back after it

  6. waw warnanya keren buat cosplay^^, btw ini pertama kalinya mampir ke blog mu dan desainnya keceee banget :D
    @freddy_friday blog


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