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REVIEW: Missha The Style Perfect Eyebrow Styler

Back in my old days (when I was younger), I always said to myself that I don't need any brow product like other grown-up ladies. But as time flies, I realized that I surely need it! 
WHY? Because eyebrow is the frame of your face and also when I changed my brow shape, I see myself in the different look! Like magic, I now regularly shape my eyebrow.

I sometimes laughed at my old photos, with my askfjskafnlsjdfn eyebrows, and after my treatment at Browhaus Brow Salon, I always feel much better with neat eyebrows! :D
You can see my asdfajhgaiuewlh old eyebrows here :)

My real natural eyebrows are bold and thick (like boys), and I don't need high maintanance actions to make it looks superior: like brow resurrection or brow tattoo. Thanks God~ But still I need an eyebrows tool everyday! I usually use Etude House Draw Drawing Eyebrow, but I find the better better better eyebrow styler from Beauty Korea that is MISSHA Perfect Eyebrow Styler! Missha is a wellknown Korean brand, and I love their products.

Why I love this product? Because it is very easy to use and the length of the stick is good enough! Sometimes I drop it to the floor, but it never broken, always strong and solid!
It comes with brush and little sponge. Great!

I also loveeeee the touch of the stick, it is gentle and glides easily with quite pigmented color, for perfect blur finish. The brush also helps me a lot to soften the dark area.

I always use brow color in gray (not black), to match with my black hair. It is weird if I have black hair but I use brown eyebrows -_-
Selfie with my phone camera, in case someone miss me :p

What I Like:
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Comes with brush and little sponge
♥ Strong and solid stick
♥ Quite pigmented
♥ Soft touch (didn't hurt my brow when applied)

What I Dislike:
* I cannot define an edge, it always have blurry finish

Where to get this?

Beauty Korea

Get same like mine HERE


  1. aku belum pernah nyoba eyebrownya missha.. kayaknya hrs coba nih hihi
    km pernah nyoba etude drawing eyebrow ga git? kl pernah enakan mana?
    kamuuu unyuu sekali :* :*

    1. bagusan ini wie heheheeh, makasiii cantikku :*

  2. hi, salam kenal
    sebenarnya lg cari produk eyebrows dari korea yg spt ini tp yg waterproof. Maksudnya buat dipakai berenang. Aq sudah cukup puas pakai eyebrow yg drawing nya etude house tp kan itu g waterproof. Mohon info ketahanan produk ini kalau dibawa berenang. trims


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