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TUTORIAL: How to Create Fake Freckles

Oh come on paper birds, fly me higher...

Hi! Another makeup play and tutorial wrapped up with my style. I am keep practicing and practicing my digital imaging skill~ So today I am gonna show you how to create fake freckles on your face. 

Freckles are flat, tanned circular spots that typically are the size of the head of a common nail. The spots are multiple and may develop on sun-exposed skin after repeated exposure to sunlight. These are particularly common in people of fair complexion on upper-body skin areas like the cheeks, nose, arms, and upper shoulders. -source

I know all of you want flawless face even small dot is forbidden, right?? Ha ha, Me too! But why not? Sometimes freckled face can be cute too (if it's fake!) and also I find many gorgeous top western model sometimes use freckles as accessories makeup for the fashion photo shoot :)
You can see here for inspirations.

So let's just have fun, be different, and PLAY with makeup, like I always do~!! ^ 3^)/*


1. Start with clean and good makeup base. Apply natural coverage and conceal the eye bag. Have pimples? No worry we will add more of fake freckles~

2. Pick your BROWN eyebrow pencil, remember: brown! Never use black, we don't making Dalmatian makeup lol. Make sure it is sharpen.

3. Press the pencil to your face to create one big brown dot. Do it in your whole face randomly, don't forget to make it as natural as possible by distinguish the size of the dots, make it bigger and smaller (different sizes for every dots).

This will automatically creates dots with feather/blur edge.

4. We want to make it more natural, by adding some dots again with different application. Tap the pencil tip to the skin and do a circular motion slowly, it will make sharp edged dots!
Same way like step 3, do it randomly in size and place.

5. Apply loose powder with brush, please use large powder brush we don't wanna drag away the dots and make the face dirty. Tap tap tap the powder till you make it blurry.

6. I am adding some soft pink blush using Wardah Blush On to make my face more colorful and natural. And we're done! Yay!

How do I look? I feel like country girl who loves to travel all around the stable! :D
I once wore freckles to the mall, just for fun, pretending to become a foreigner (i know my nose is not high enough lol). It's fun!!! ^^

See you at next post~


  1. Haha lol it's look fun! Like a cute girl with their freckles. You're right it's fun when just fake freckles. Also that's creative. Hmm..wondering to try..

    1. cobain dong sayaangg nanti tag akuuuu terus aku upload sini hehehe :D

  2. kalau aku enggak perlu pakai makeup uda ada freckles nya git hahaa
    fotomu keren banget!! :* :* :*

    1. ahh ak jg ada tp ga warna coklat wie, putih kecil gtu T_T
      kita harus membasmi freckles! ahhha
      makasi sayangku!! :*

  3. keren banget makeup nya !
    aku baru tau Freckles ternyata bisa bikin cantik XD

    1. hehe makasiii.... klo fake iyaa cakep tp klo asli kayanya pucing kita hehehe

  4. wooow It's veryyy cool *-*


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