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REVIEW: Beyond Save Us Lipstick - Orange

Haiii, I wanna share about the most cute lipstick in the world *claps* lol~
It is Beyond Save Us Lipstick, as you can see, the packaging outside is quite okay, but whenever you open the cap, you will be surprised with the cute bear figure inside :)

The bear holds "save us" words in its hand, I am quite sad to see this, the fact is indeed many animals become less populated because of beauty industry too.. Let's help them then by buying against-animal-testing cosmetic! Beyond is one of them.

I choose #4 Orange since I really want to have orange lipstick, I think it will be perfect for summer, though Indonesia doesn't have four seasons lol~
But I was quite disappointed because the color is not orange. It's more like peach and pink in one.
And it's neon! Really! It's like shocking color in your lips XD

Maybe it's not really visible in the photo, the color seems pretty normal with satin finish. But trust me, in real life, it is really bright and has neon effect!
I am gonna use it slightly then so my already pop-up lips won't got popper more lol. The staying power is so-so, up to 4 hours with eat and drink, and not leave any stain :)

Price: IDR 169.000 / around 15US$ available at Beyond Indonesia store Mall Taman Anggrek West Jakarta

What I Like:
♥ Cute bear figure inside
♥ Against animal testing
♥ Satin finish look
♥ Pigmented
♥ Not leave stain everywhere
♥ Not makes my lips dry
♥ The smell is nice
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Perfect for neon look or anyone who wants to pop up her lips

What I Dislike:
* Quite hard to use since it has bear shape
* Not orange color like its been written


  1. sygnya warna e malah bukan orange ya ..
    lucuukk bentuk e, bkin sayang buat dipake >_<

    1. kga oranye sama sekali wid wkwkkw iya nihh :p

  2. Ini tiap muter lipstiknya jadi kayak pengingat untuk cari make up yang baik bagi lingkungan juga ya. :D Tapi setuju sama Widya, sayang makenya. Hahaha.

    1. iyaa sayanggg kcian beruangnya kawkwakaw
      benerrr sayang lingkungan dong :D

  3. Looks a bit drying ya. Tp buat koleksi aja nih hahaha

    1. iaa jess sedikit hehehe, bener sayang pake :p

  4. Tadinya aku juga mau beli ini, tapi sayang sama beruang nya itu >__<

  5. de warnanya ternyata bagus ya..!! jadi pengen beli juga deh..!!

    1. bgs klo di poto ce klo aslinya agak ngejreng hehe

  6. Wow, bentuk lipsticknya lucu banget tempat silvernya juga khas beyond banget <3 agak sayang sih tapi kalo bentuk beruangnya hancur yaa :'( lipstik beyond warnanya bagus", pigment nya oke. Btw, you like so beautiful sis, warna lipstiknya cocok sama kulitnya, jadi healthy lips :D

    Main ke blog kita juga ya sis ;D


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