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MAKEUP PLAY + REVIEW: Smokey Nude with Bobbi Brown Mini Palette

Hei Ladies! How was your day? Who loves NUDE look? *raising hand* I super loveeeee natural and nude look. I also love smokey eyes, but not really good at it lol.

So in this post I wanna reviewing Bobbi Brown Mini Palette (I don't know the code or identity of this palette, since this was a gift from my sister).

The packaging is SUPER GORGEOUS! I reallllyyyyyyy adore this kind of design! Do you? ^^

The box is kinda oldies and vintage, I guess, but nevermind, still look so elegant and luxurious :)

Inside: 2 matte lipstick: brown and natural pink, 3 matte eyeshadows: ivory (white), cement (soft beige), and black chocolate (dark brown), 1 transparent lipgloss: bare sparkle~

So cute, huh? The lipgloss is transparent and has minty feeling when in use. Guess what, the colors are pigmented and the staying power is amazing. Super love this palette!
And I am sorry that I didn't make any swatch on real lips or eyes, but I create a whole makeup play: Smokey Nude Look - with this palette.

As you can see, eyeshadow and lip colors are matte and very natural. But the lipgloss has glittery and glossy finish :)

Voila~! Let's play with this palette! I am mixing the eyeshadows and also the lip colors ^^

It's really helpful because you got three eye colors. two lip colors, and one lipgloss in one palette, complete with the small mirror inside!
Also this palette is travel friendly since it's just as small as my palm!

I don't have any negative thought toward this Bobbi Brown Mini Eye and Lip Palette!

What do you think? :D


  1. Gitaaaaa, kamu cancik cekayiiiii <3 *sokimutyggagal* wkwkwkk
    tp serius, kamu cantik banget disini hihihihii

    1. makaciii ciciiii muah muah hehe cc juga cancik <3

  2. berapaan pricenya ci?xD btw kece ciii xD foto cc yang ke 5 mirip artis korea yang ada di drama xD *lupanama

    1. hehehe gatw dear, aku dikasih soalnya XD *beruntung*
      awww siapa? jadi maluu hehe makasi :D

  3. cocok banget warnanya di mata >__< <3 love it ~~~~

  4. haloooo cece ^^
    palette-nya bagus ya ce, isinya cukup lengkap buat bikin makeup look.
    aduh itu tatapannya menusuk hatiku :p

    1. iyaaa lengkap bs dbawa mana2 hehehe.. duh km lebay hehehe makasi ya :*

  5. Love this look sooo much! you look as flawless as always!!! ;)


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