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MAKEUP PLAY + TUTORIAL: Smokey Pink for Mature Cute Look

Aloha! Recently I am always use pink for my daily life, and I just brought pink Marc Jacobs case for my phone, while actually I am not a big fan of this color, lol~
So I also want to share a makeup look tutorial, I called it Smokey Pink makeup. With this eyes makeup, I feel mature and cute at the same time! ^^

I am using Sleek Candy Palette in three colors as you can see in the picture, I am sorry for the mess eyeshadow look.

And here are the steps by steps for the smokey pink makeup eyes tutorial:

  1. Prepare your eyes. I am using Etude House proof 10 Primer for the base with Holicat softlens.
  2. Mix the both pink colors (picture above) with fluffy brush and spread it to whole upper lid.
  3. Use smaller angled brush to create same color under the eyes.
  4. Make a thin line and a little fine wing (use cream liner better). It's okay if smudged.
  5. Make a little tiny winged line under the eye.
  6. Apply purple color to upper lid and blend with the eyeliner till it has good gradation.
  7. Do the same thing with under eyes using small angled brush.
  8. Wear fake eyelashes. Mine is using drugstore falsies with half sized.
  9. Wear under false lashes. I trim the lashes. Put it right in the middle of the under liner.
  10. Blend all the colors well. Done!
This look creates warm, feminine, cute, and mature touch in a blink! Don't you like being cute and mature at the same time? :D

For lips, I am using Emina Cosmetic Gloss mixed with Color Bucket Lip Flash Jam - Grape will review it soon!

What do you think? XD


  1. omg!! you're so cuteee babee :) thanksss for sharing, ini cutee, tp simple dan natural yaa :)

  2. love this look XD really looks mature and cute at the same time ^^

  3. Hello hello!:) I know, this may come sudden but I got nominated from a German blogger award called smth like "Favourite Award", it's smth that blogger give each other when they like blogs from others and you ask the other person 11 questions, nominate others, etc. I thought about giving one to you because your blog is one of my favourites I like reading online. :) Everything you need to know about it is on my new blog post . You don't have to accept it if you don't want to so don't feel pressured or anything :'O I just wanted to let you know. I know it's a German blogger award but I mean, why not give it generally to the favourite blogs even when they're not German :'3. Have a nice day!:)

    xoxo, Merce <333

    1. aww you're too sweet, thankyou dear. will check it up soon! <3 <3

  4. Cantik banget Gita..
    Bagus warnanya. Pink. Tetep cute tp ga cildish. Sexy kog. Hihi..

  5. You look like a doll with this make-up on! I love this look tho. It's super girly and fun ^^



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