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Workshop with Beauty Bound Asia and Youtube

Hallo! I am so happy because I can attend a workshop with Youtube and the most happiest thing is: I am one of the semifinalist from Indonesia at Beauty Bound Asia!

Beauty Bound Asia is a place where all beauty enthusiasts are gathered to have fun together and since it's like a competition, there will be a winner who can be the first Beauty Bounders among Asia!

I am really thank this to GOD, the only One who made me can join this competition, with my awkwardness in camera lol (that's the reason why I already made a youtube channel since long time ago but never upload any good video). Please kindly subscribe my channel here.

The event held in Foundry 8, Jakarta, and I am wearing monochrome as my favorite! ^^

There was more than 100 awesome girls in the house! I feel this is the right community of mine, and I know I will always be here :)

The workshop went really great. First is a private session with Youtube, I am sorry I cannot share about it because it is restricted - said Miss Niken from Youtube.
After that, there was skincare and makeup session with SK-II! I love SK-II so much! Last is session with Chyntian, a beauty vlogger from Indonesia. She shared her story behind her youtube channel.

I met lots of beautiful and talented people, firstly I felt so shy because some of them already has a big big big channel on Youtube with thousands subscibers, but then I asked myself again, "Why have to?", I am one of them, one of the semifinalist who has a same ticket to go to the next level - finalist of Beauty Bound Asia.

Wish me luck guys! I will do my best for the next challenges! ^^

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See you! xo


  1. ganbatte :D
    pasti bisa, everyone has same chance :D #sama-sama-nasi-kan?? :P

    Go Check ma blog yaaaww at My Dellilah

  2. maksudnya sama-sama makan nasi, hadeuh, maap typo :(

  3. aaaahh keren sekaliii !! semangaaatt km pasti bisaaa :)

  4. aku nyesel blm foto di banner depan pintu itu git T^T krn telat jd buru2 segera masuk aaaa.. *ngga ada yg bs motoin pula sih*
    sama2 semangattt bikin videonya yaa git ^^ go go go

  5. Congrats ceeee ^^
    I know you can do it, semangat!
    Good luck ya cece :D

    1. aaawwww thankyou banget dukungannya devi cantik! <3 <3 xoxo!!


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