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Luxola x Benefit - Benefit Rockitude Cheek and Lip Box REVIEW

Hi Sweet Cupcakes! I think every girl in the world knows Benefit, and guess what, Benefit is now AVAILABLE on the hottest online site ever - Luxola! *cheers*

Our shopping activity now would be much easier. I always loved Benefit's products, and thanks to Luxola, we don't have to fight traffic (especially in Jakarta) to purchase our beloved Benefit babies!

I found Luxola is a very trusted online shopping site, is one of the most valuable too, and Luxola guaranteed for 100% originality for the products. I prefer to shop there than unknown online shop from instagram, for I don't really know the security. Also Luxola has their products all certified, which is safe for us to use (no out-of-date products, yaks!).

Good news! Not like ordinary unknown online shop, Luxola has much benefit like: promos, good respond customer service email ( or call (021-29043652), fast delivery, and it's FREE right in front of your doorstep for minimum 200.000 IDR all around Indonesia~ Yuuhuuu~

Luxola has loyalty point, so whenever the point is enough, we can trade it with another freebies! *cheers*.
This site is also very user friendly, I mean, it's not hard to use this, and even my mother can use this without being confused (i'm a proud daughter lol).

So, here is what I got from Luxola and Benefit, I am so spoiled by them, thank you! Yay, this is Benefit Rockitude Cheek and Lip Box, one set for a quick cheek and lip makeup! Yes baby, everything is urgent and no worries about that anymore~

Packaging: I LOVE this, it has classy yet feminine taste of box, with mirror inside. Look at these tiny miny cutey Benefit Benetint, Benefit High Beam, Rock Blush, and Rockateur Gloss! They're so gorgeous, right?

Products: This set has natural color and can suit in any skin type/color. 

  1. Benefit Benetint has deep red rosy color, with very light liquid texture and smell nice. Simply put it in cheek and lip and blend with fingers, voila~~~
  2. Benefit High Beam is a highliter that has a really natural look. No much glitter there so my face won't look like a disco ball, lol~ And it has a nice smell too, easily blended with fingers on skin. No need to worry, it can match any skin type and color.
  3. Benefit Rock Blush is a peach-rose color with a super duper ultra soft finish, the color is just so soft and warm. You'll got the mini brush inside and your cute natural cheek is ready anytime with just a swipe!
  4. Benefit Rockateur Gloss is a tiny lip gloss in soft peach color. It has sheer and glossy finish. It also smell good, and I like how the gloss isn't sticky at all. Moist my lips so much, glides perfectly, and the staying power is also good.

step by step and the effects on face (so natural)

1. bare lips 2. benetint 3. benetint + rockateur gloss

I really love this Benefit Rockitude box! It's easy to use, natural, and I can wear it anytime anywhere. Thankyou Luxola for making it's easier for me to shop Benefit

Good products + good seller = ultimate customer satisfaction!

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That's for today, I'll catch you again in the next post! Love you all~ xoxo


  1. wow, mamanya ce gita gaul hehe >_<, well berarti user friendly banget websitenya. Ga semua kota ada counter Benefit, kalo ada yg jual online apalagi dari trusted website gini jadi bikin orang-orang lebih gampang kalo mau beli Benefit, ga perlu PO PO ya ce...

    1. haha iya tuh dia semangat belajarnya tinggi lol
      iya dev bener banget, seru yaaaa XD thanks for visit and comment :*


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