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REVIEW: Max Factor Lip Gloss - Posh Poppy, Refined Rose, Rich Chocolate

Helooo~~~ I am back with product review. Today is about MAX Factor Lipgloss and I got three colors: Posh Poppy, Rich Chocolate, and Refined Rose by MAX FACTOR~

Personally I don't really like use gloss, it's sticky, glossy, and has a bad staying power. That's why I am adoring matte lipstick. But let just give a try to these beautiful babies.

Packaging: Not a very special design, but I like the touch of gold color, looks so fancy and it's travel friendly. The cap locked very good, and it's transparent so you can choose the color without opening the cap.

Max Factor Lipgloss Posh Poppy is a pink-purplely color and it's quite natural to use in everyday. 

Max Factor Lipgloss Refined Rose has a touch of orange in it, very fresh and chic.

Andddd this is the most favorite of mine: MAX Factor Lipgloss Rich Chocolate, it has a beautifuuuuullll brown color which is so sexy in my opinion. I felt very mature while using this lipgloss lol~

Let's review in a quick and clear and firm way as I always do.

What I Love:
♥ Beautiful shades of colors
♥ Moist the lips
♥ No weird smell
♥ Travel friendly 

What I Dislike:
* Very sheer, need multiple times gliding on lips to stand out the color. But what to expect since this is already claimed as lipgloss? lol
* Staying power is not really good


  1. All of the color looks really good.. :)

  2. semuanya warnanya bagus-bagus dan cocok di cece, tapi yang coklat emang lebih sip sih :D

  3. I love the orange one, makes you fresh!♡♡


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