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REVIEW: The Saem Kiss Button Lip Matte - Confident Charm

Maybe for some people, The Saem is not really familiar in Indonesia. But it is a well-known brand in South Korea. I got The Saem Kiss Button Lip Matte to try, and this is number 2 shade: confident charm, a quite unique name for a lipstick lol

I always love brands who realise the importance of keeping environment alive, and thanks to The Saem, you are one of the "recycled, and against animal testing" brand I know.

The lipstick itself is really unique. You have to click on the bottom to make the bullet out. One click is for one millimetre of lipstick, and you can't turn it down again. So better BE CAREFUL you won't let the lipstick broken.

This color is kind of mixing red and magenta in one swipe. I love how pigmented this lipstick! And perfectly smooth on lips. Has matte finish (as expected), and didn't make my lips dry out. Good job!

I loveeeee this color, looks feminine and mature at the same time, don't you feel it? And I feel like I need them all~ lol

What I Like:
♥ Nice color, they have much colors
♥ Eco friendly
♥ Matte finish
♥ Didn't dry my lips
♥ Smell nice
♥ Staying power is good

What I Dislike:
* One click for one millimetre system


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaak cantiiiik. huaaah baru ikut PO lipen :(

  2. warnanya cantikk git kalau dipakai :)

  3. warnanya aduhai cee :D
    tapi minusnya ga bisa dibalikin lagi ya lipsticknya, jadi harus ekstra hati hati :0

    1. iyaaaa banget dev >,< tapi untungnya cuma 1 mm sih jd dkittt bgt heheheh

  4. *.* That color is so beautiful!!! :) I've only recently heard about the Saem and the products look really good! Awesome review! :)


  5. ahh mauuu >3< warnanya cantik bgt. cuman knp pemakaiannya risky bgt gitu T.T

    1. iyaaa enak banget ini pakenyaaa XD
      iya risky sih tapi gak gitu berasa kok hehehe kan cm 1 mm

  6. Such a pretty share! The SAEM seems to be really popular right now, because they always use kpop idols to promote their brand.

    1. yesss, and their products are great in my opinion :D

    2. I've only tried one so far, but I'm definitely interested in trying more! :)


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