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Unboxing ALTHEA Beauty Box!

Hello pretty ladies~ I had a very excited day, because of what? ALTHEA will be available for Indonesian market in a while!! Couldn't be more happier!

So I am one of the lucky girl who got the opportunity to be a beta tester for Althea in Indonesia and be the very first batch to received this box full of happiness

The box is really bring cheers into my day, when I was at work I cannot handle myself for being homesick lol. What is inside? I choose them by myself by the way :D


I am not a big fan of face defining like contouring or strobing or shading or whatever. But this products really stolen my heart at the first view, and I know that I NEED to learn about face defining, because it is quite important, especially when I do makeup for someone. Maybe I don't need defining, but not everybody thinks like me right? So I decided to buy these products, and look at them!!! THEY ARE SO EFFING CUTE affff!

It came with a very nice packaging and I fell in love, and you know the reason :'))

I have a damn DRY skintype and that's really bothering me a lot lot lotzz. Then I need a great super great of primer to keep my makeup flawless and still caring for my skin at the same time. That's why I am a huge fan of primer. Ended up with this, very curious about this primer from a long time.


CANNOT GO OUT WITHOUT EYEBROW! Though my brows are already done by natural, I still need to retouch the shape and color every morning, i don't know why it's really addictive. Once you pamper and define your eyebrow, this would be your new morning routine as well! Trust me! Lol~
And Witch Pouch brand is quite new for me, never heard before, and I am really curious about the quality, since it has good review anywhere. Let's try then ^^

Huuurayyyy that's all what is inside my Althea Beauty Box so happy to have new babies

Why am I so excited about Althea's coming in Indonesia? Simply because I LOVE KOREAN MAKEUP as much as I love myself (lol), and you guys can check their website THEY HAVE THE MOST GREAT DEAL with the prices, and the originality you cannot even ask, because yes they are 100% original!!

Online shopping are very EASY and you can be save in doing that, here are my tips and tricks to shop online:
  1. Do a research before click "buy", like I did, I research all of the products I bought before. Does it really worth the price and suitable for your needs.
  2. Browse for some review of the e-commerce, here you will find more trust satisfaction and security in shopping without seeing the seller.
  3. Sadly most of the WORLDWIDE e-commerce only provide credit-card or paypall payment methods and not bank trasnfer. I prefer using credit-card, it is easy and if you do not own it, you might borrow to your friend and give them cash at the moment :)
  4. Patience is needed, because delivery is takes time, so don't expect a real fast shopping experience. A good e-commerce will notice you for tracking number and details. 
  5. Contact the customer service if there's any problem or inquiries you need to ask, you can also tell the quality of the e-commerce by the customer service feedback to you.
  6. Do a review honestly based on your experience, leave some clue for anyone who is doing the first step: research. 

So that's all the unboxing Althea Korea session with me, will review all of the products one by one, will update here if done, and keep stay tuned on my social medias!♥ xoxo


  1. Seneng banget liat postnyaa. FOtonya clear n enak diliat. Keep posting! ^^

  2. Awww, I picked almost the same thing with you <3... can't wait for the revieww :*

  3. wah ada barang yg sama dengan yg kubeli.. tdnya mau beli juga itu banila, cuma urung wkwkwkwk...

  4. Yang eyebrownya lucuuuuu... Ditunggu reviewnya Gita >_<

  5. this is so..... O_O beautiful the pictures.... May I ask what camera you're using please?

  6. haduh gemess sama packagingnya si highlighter & shading sticknya.. =)

  7. Please make a review about the eyebrow gel! Really curious about that product since I saw it on Althea XD


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