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Huxley Face Oil for Team Dry Skin

I always struggle with my dry skin. Sometimes when my period time comes I feel my skin got cranky and itch near my nose. Dermatologist said that all of my problems are from my skin dehydration. My skin is lack of oil and water, poor me :(

Am I the only one or anyone else feel the same? Lol. In conclusion, doctor told me to consume Fish Oil (rich with collagen and mineral), and pamper my face with some natural oil - also not forget to mention drink a lot of water

It's been a long day without you my friend  It's been a long time I had my research for some mineral face oil. Finally I can get it from CHARIS, it's not really expensive compares to another face oil, love it so much!

It is Huxley Face Oil from Korea, you can browse it here:

I love the smell, it has a beautiful flower scent, and trust me this oil is NOT sticky to face, and even though this is an oil, it does not oily! LOL I know it's confusing!

I usually use this oil only a drop (yes a drop only) for my whole face. Grab a drop on your palm, and rub it onto your face, voilaaa, I did my best for my skin! :D
And also can be mixed with foundation. Apply a drop with foundation and not only moist your face, it's also make your skin glowing♥♥

Can you it clearly? I love my glowing skin, no need much highlighter! HAHA!

What do you think? If you need this skin remedy you can buy it like me at CHARIS this is the address:


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