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Review: MIZZU Valipcious Velvet Matte

Hello Lovelies! I cannot go outside without lipstick (but yeah sometimes got moody to not wearing one too lol), mostly I pick the nude color for my everyday use and I always fall in love with mauve-warm-nude-soft color!

And I got a chance to try this latest collection from Mizzu, that is Valipcious Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick! I am such a whore to liquid lipstick! T_T

I like the packaging, it's quite classy, but sadly there is no caption or title in the bottle describing the color, only white big sticker that is really uncool :(

I have these two babies: calm sense and choco melt out of their seven colors.

I love the Mizzu Calm Sense color more, it has soft pink nude and suitable for my everyday makeup. It brightens my whole look and give me feminine touch lol. What do you think?

While the Mizzu Choco Melt, it has a little bit of orange in it. Not a fan of orange lips but this mix of orange-chocolate somehow look beautiful in me :')

I love the fact that it doesnt make my lips dry, I feel nothing, and its transferproof! Also had so much good material for the lips such as vitamin E and shea butter ^^ 
But I dont really like the smell :(

Sooo, which color do you think I suit more? Tell me yaaa :D

What I Like:
❤ Classy packaging

❤ Contains vit E and shea butter
❤ Transferproof
❤ Pigmented!
❤ Creamy texture (not cracky)
❤ Travel friendly
❤ Affordable~

What I Dislike:
* The smell i dunno how to describe
* It doesnt has color name printed on the bottle

Buat kalian yang mau coba bisa beli di Sociolla pake kode aku SBNLAPM0 untuk dapat diskon kalau belanja minimum 250rb :)


  1. lebih suka yang calm sense karena ada unsur pink-nya, not a fan of orange-y color soalnya. tapi dua-duanya cakep cakep aja sih di ce gita hoho :D

    1. iyaaa me too gak perna cocok pake yg orange-y haha thankyou pretty <3

  2. toss banget, aku jg suka banget sama lippen yg shadenya mauve nudy gt.. so in love with its color.. sekali liat pasti mupeng..

    btw u looks good on calm sense

    1. iyaa cantik gitu kan yah hehehe.. thankyou dear!

  3. Every colour suits on you

  4. mupeng sama yang calm sense nih hihi

  5. eeeeeh cucok warnanya di kamu >.< tapi aku ngincernya yang shade midnight rush. huehehehe katanya sih shade yg itu lebih bagus pigmentasinya

    1. iyaa tuh bagus midnight hehe.. nanti juga mau coba aku XD


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