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REVIEW: Too Cool For School Dinoplatz CC Cream

Hi Babes! This Too Cool For School Dinoplatz CC Cream has already stolen my desire for the first time I saw it on store. Now I got a chance to try this, so excited! Did you love the packaging? XD

So this Dinoplatz CC Cream series actually is a complete mix of moisturizer and base coverage that has an attachment within the packaging. It has three different type of attachments: concealer or highlighter or blush. And I got the concealer in my CC Cream.

The product claim is moisturizing, antiaging, brightening, firming, smoothing, evening out skintone & SPF 30 UV protection. Let's find out ^^

the swatches of concealer and the cream

I love the texture of the CC Cream, it has watery liquid type of cream, which is I loved because this kind of texture never gives me breakout or patchy skin.
I also super love the packaging, it has cute and adorable doodles all over it!❤

This series tells a story about Dino whose lost in the big city hahaho, sho cute, makes me want to pet a dino!

See? Sooooo adorableeee, love love the packaging! And here's the attachment on the cap: a condensed concealer! I usually prefer the liquid one but let's give a try.

CC Cream result: the texture wins my heart, it doesn't has weird smell, and can moist my face after usage. It has sun protection, and stay awesome in my face for more than 5 hours. Actually I don't really understand why the color is too light for me while CC Cream supposed to be blended with any type of skin color. But it doesn't really bother since I will always mix CC Cream with foundation. But I'm quite worry with anyone who has darker skin - since I'm not sure this Dino CC Cream would blend or not :|
Overall I love this Dinoplatz CC Cream especially for my base makeup. Didn't break me out, and it's travel friendly!❤

Concealer result: though it is a condensed concealer, it has a pretty smooth texture, yes I was surprised since I usually avoid this kind of texture for concealer. I love the glides on my skin is gentle and smooth. Good job! I applied it for my super dark circle.
Overall I can use this concealer for my dark circle and my dark spots on the whole face. It also easier since it already attached on the CC Cream packaging!

^ Both side applied CC Cream but left side is with concealer while right is only CC Cream

What do you think babes? I def will bring this baby to my travelling bag since it has quite mini size and the cap secure is great, also it has sun protection!❤


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