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NIVEA Beauty Kit for Beautiful Skin

Hei everybody~! Are you familiar with the brand NIVEA? I knew Nivea since a very young age. I saw mommy used Nivea's body lotion and I started to copy her habit, been loving Nivea since then :)

Now Nivea grew a lot, they changed the packaging design and brand image, but still the same logo (i love the logo btw), and I still love Nivea. They're affordable with good quality!

So today in this Sociolla box, I got some beauty kits from Nivea! Let's try them! :D

Nivea Makeup Starter 2 in 1 Moisturizing Serum 

We need serum and moist our face before applying makeup. Tried this Nivea Makeup Starter and loved it! Has lighhhtttt texture which is I loved, and smoothen my face. Doesn't feel sticky and I like the smell, it's the signature scent of Nivea. Also TRAVEL friendly yayyy am a traveller bug and def bring this baby to travel, look at that size!

Nivea Lip Butter Balm

Good skin is not enough for a perfect makeup. I need this lip butter for my super dry lips. Am a big fan of liquid lipstick so yeahh this baby should give me a help for that. Actually I love the packaging, its cute and small I can bring it everywhere. But it's not sterile enough and I don't really like the strong scent :(

But it did a good job for moisturizing my chapped lips. The texture is super creamy balmy (what is balmy lol) and easy to absorb on lips.

Nivea Micellar Clear Water

Another micellar water to try yayyy. Actually I got confused when it comes with micellar water - I mean to compare one and another. I found this Nivea Micellar Water is pretty good, cleansed makeup easily but not the best micellar water I ever tried :) 

The texture is water of course, has no smell, freshen my skin, not sticky, and quite affordable too.

Nivea Makeup Clear Facial Foam 2 in 1

This product is AMAZING! Super loveeee this Nivea Facial Foam, it really cleansed my makeup and dirts - even better than the micellar water!! I loveeee this facial foam so much. Has a very gentle texture of cream, produces a little bubble, and the scent is very good! Nivea has the small version too, and I will gladly to bring this while travelling :D

Actually Nivea has two types of cleansing foam: green for mud texture, and pink (this one) for the creamy texture. I def prefer this a lot!! Trust me it really does its job! *happy*

I enjoy my skincare time while having no makeup, and should with you babes. Sometimes we need to look inside and do the best for our skin :D

What do you think? I could give thumbs up to Nivea for keeping the innovation though the brand was already big in Indonesia too ^^

Anyway you can get this beauty kit also in Sociolla with code SBNLAPM0 for 50K off min 200K purchase :)


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