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Noryuki Cosmetic Lip Cream Swatch and Review

Hello everybody, ever heard about Noryuki Cosmetics before? 

We all know that the "lip cream endemic" hasn't over yet. For me, I love matte lip cream since the first time I knew makeup, so yeah, it would be never-ending lip cream swatch on my blog until forever lol. 

Proudly I introduce NORYUKI COSMETICS (This brand is from Indonesia!).

the boxes

Colors are very suitable for daily look and also you can mix them together to get new color shade, not forget to mention that it could be used as blush too! :D
Each of the color has personality on it, based on the color swatch, interesting huh? It has 5 colors, lets talk about it one by one.


This is the sweetest color among all. Chibi loves fashion and shopping, she loves music and can play any type as well. Beautiful, talkactive, and carefree. She loves being the center of attention. She brings life and energy into the room by her presence.

This is a cutie look of pinky color lips.


Hiro is independent, and hardworking woman. She is rebellious, genuine, loves all kind of sports and all type of dance. She faces every difficulty head on and has a pure heart of gold. She is also a little bit of an idealist and always on the move. But she can get angry sometimes.

This is a strong vibrant purple color.


Sakura is peaceful and fair. She can be inspired by good books and interesting people. She is a lover of beautiful things, loves art music cook and beautiful places. She really know how to solve a problem, very dedicated to her family and friends.

This is bolder version of chibi but more pinkish (i guess they are sisters lol).


Is a great leader, always aware with the situation and also features prominently in resourcefulness. She is brave and therefore she has a lot of friends. She enjoys being the center of attention and expect to be treated like a queen. When Akoya sets a goal, there is no giving up.

This is a bold red color look.


Kimmi is charming, intelligent, and solution-oriented woman. She has a great capacity for kindness and desire to do good in the world. She is sweet, and loyal. Kimmi loves science and technology, she discovers and master gadgets. She is always practical and logical.

Those are 5 colors of Noryuki Cosmetics. It was really challenging for me to play five roles for five lipcreams. Kinda new of endorsement request by the seller. LOL. The owner expected me to show up different personalities by the colors to represent - I hope I did well on it, what do you think? Hahaha.

So here are my thoughts about this Indonesian cosmetic brand.

What I Like:
♥ It has good creamy texture
♥ Staying power is good
♥ Nice smell (buttery)
♥ Pigmented
♥ Travel friendly
♥ MATTE finish
♥ Didnt make my lips dry~

What I Dislike:
* The colors were too 'ordinary', like every brands has these kind of colors rite

* Packaging design is.. me dont likey.

I am happy that Indonesia now can develop much better in beauty world. I am waiting to see more local cosmetic brands and if you want to buy Noryuki Cosmetics you can visit the website:

What color you like the most? :D


  1. Naksir sama chibi dan sakura. Cakeepp banget. Wearable buat sehari-hari <3


  2. Gita kamu tuh pakai warna apa aja cocok yah! Setuju demam lip cream ini nggak usai-usai tapi nyenengin untuk diikutin haha

    1. gakkk nyyy, aku gak cocok pake shocking pink haha kaya banci gitu jadinya hahaha

  3. Mba, yg Kimmi tu oranye kecoklatan ya? Grey based gitukah?

    1. gak sih sis di saya mah, orange gitu red based hehe

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