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REVIEW: Olivarrier Emollient Extra Comfort Cream

Linked to my latest post about skin care, I think the concern of healthy skin is really on point. I am now making promise with myself to never forget using daily and night cream everyday yes everyday.

Shout out to this cute Olivarrier Emollient Extra Comfort Cream that we can got from CHARIS, as you know one of my favorite Korean Products store, based in Korea of course. This cream claims to shooting and give relaxation to skin. You know after one long tiring day, our skin needs to be pampered not only with face wash.

I use this Olivarrier Cream everyday after taking shower in the night. Actually this cream is super flexbible, you can use it whenever you like. It is safe to use randomly because it has 5.5 PH to balancing our skin acidity level and keeps it natural (around 5-6 PH).

This cream is suit for every skin type, but the result may be more visible for sensitive skin. I have sensitive and dry skin that's why I love this cream more. 


There is nothing I dislike from this Olivarrier Comfort Cream, really, I need to repurchase. It accompany me while travelling - especially at the four-seasons country my skin look like potato.

No paraben, no fragrance, no chemical things, no preservatives, all natural, that's why this is so good for me! :D

The texture is heavy, creamy, and rich. No sticky feeling, and no smell at all. Easy to apply and absorb quickly on skin, love love love! No more tired skin, redness, itch, small pimples, and cracked skin! BYE!

so gentle and moist, left no sticky feeling.

I think you should give this a try. I was not get paid by doing this, but I really recommend this product for anyone who need easy and natural doctor for the skin.

Grab yours click HERE


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