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Martha Tilaar SOLUSI Organik Skincare Review

Hello girls welcome back to my post (sounds like youtube) lol. In this post I want to share a review about skin care series from Martha Tilaar, well-known brand from Indonesia since long time ago. This series called SOLUSI Organik, it's quite unique from the name. 

My first impression is: NATURAL! I adore natural cosmetics, with NO animal harm (super plus points), and environmental friendly packaging. These three qualities come inside these products. So thumbs up!!!!!

What are these? Let's talk one by one from left to right. By the way, the products were made from 99,9% natural organic farm goodness: grape seeds and licorice extracts with NO parabens, preservatives, mineral oil, sls, and propylene glycol. 
But they are all contains fragrance (which is very normal in some dosage).

I love how this face wash cleans my face with NO bubbles, which means NO sls. Super recommended.

It's a milk cleanser actually. Super gentle and cleans well too. Perfect to use before sleep. You should use toner, and night cream after cleanser to keep your skin healthy.

It's water of course, combined with those good ingredients to refresh the skin, close pores, and ready to absorb the night cream. Can be used in the morning routine also, before the moisture lotion. 

I use this lotion for more than 3 weeks and I love how it moist my skin, makes me feel healthy. The cream texture is light, glides smoothly on face, and absorb quickly without sticky feelings. Use in the morning skincare routine.

The last thing I put on my face before bed is this cream. Super loveeee my skin texture in the morning - so moist and juicy lol. It has no sticky feelings and I am sure it works well. I just don't really like the texture, it's too watery, like real water liquid, so I got messed up with the cream, and not travel friendly :|

These are the textures, without toner of course (its water, what else). Look at the night cream, it's just a super little tiny cream, because I am afraid to take more since it's dropping.

like soft milk pudding~ makes me hungry~

Overall I really recommend these products, Martha Tilaar Solusi Organic for anyone who is looking for NATURAL skincare with affordable prices. It has NO parabens and other bad ingredients, so why not really??? Also they were made from natural organic farm things (as claimed) I bet they won't make you allergic or breakout. 

I also love the smell, though it has fragrance in all of the products, I think of course definitely it was safe ingredients to use. The scent is tastes like wine. Don't worry, no one would get tipsy after smelling it.

The only thing I dislike is: the packaging, it's HARD to differentiate one product with another, since it has the same design and bottle (toner and cleanser), with SMALL typography on it. lol.

See you next time~


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