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K Project Shoot

Hello world! This post is the result of a sudden ideas by me and my friends. I present to you the Kairos Ladies. It was a fine night, we walked around mall and found a nail polish in drugstore. We really loved the color, it was so different from other brands. So we created a random idea for a mini photo session. 

And finally, after longggg of preparation and finding time, we could sealed this project and name it "K Project" of Kairos Ladies :p

Basically, K is for Kairos, and Kutek (nail polish), hahahaha. The main theme is showing up our personalities with colors. We together picked one color to represent each of us..

Amel Leo - the sage green. 
She is always full with fresh ideas, and a very good listener.

Julia - the pale yellow.
She is the most cheerful, adorable, and has lots of cute stuff.

Vany - the washed blue
She is innocent, dreamy, and very gentle.

Gita - the bright grey
Do I need to describe myself? Lol. 
They said that I'm sensitive, warm, and love to cuddle.

Susan - the taupe brown
She loves milk coffee, she's gorgeous and simple.

Vialli - the dusty rose
She is lovely, feminine, and looks like a princess.

I had a lot of fun, from the concepting, photo session, editing, and layouting the photos. So thankful that I found this such of great teamwork. I love my girls, and we were happy to describe positive sides of each others.

What do you think? ^^

See you on another session~ xx


  1. Keren banget ka gita. Suka sama semua foto-fotonya apalagi yg pink sama yellow. *.*


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