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REVIEW: Dr Jart Oil to Balm, Dehydrated Skin to the Rescue!

As the member of #DrySkinTeam I need a super good product to support the dryness of my skin lol. Are you member as well? If yes, this post might help you a lot as much as this Dr. Jart+ Oil to Balm helped me during this winter time in Aussie.

This oil-to-balm product is quite unique for me, never tried this kind of moisturizer before. Turns out it's not only for skin tho, you can use this to give hydration to your cuticle, lips, or end of hair as well! It has ceramide as the main ingredients with vegetable oil that helps the texture and also nourishing.

What is Ceramide? Lipid molecules that are found in high concentrations within cell membranes. In the top layer of the skin, ceramides hold skin cells together, forming a protective layer that plumps the skin and retains moisture. Think of skin cells as the bricks and ceramides as the mortar.  

It works like bricks, keep your hydration inside the skin barrier (that's why I took the picture with knitwear because it feels the same with bricks!).

So these are all the ingredients, and as you expected, the texture is a balm.

Gosh, I really like the packaging! It comes with a little spoon inside the box which is very convenient, we don't need to touch the product with our dirty fingers and ruin the perfection of shape and ingredients!

The smell is ahmazziinggg, it's like herbal thing, it's the signature ceramide smell - my nose can remember it easily, whenever I smell a product that has ceramide in it I will able to recognize! Example: IT Cosmetic Confidence in a Cream. Some people don't like the smell but I can spend all night sniffing at my own fingers after applying this balm lol.

This is the texture, when you rub into the skin it changed into oil. It's oily but not greasy, will absorb nicely to the skin after 1-2 minutes. A little bit goes a long way hey! Don't take too much or you will end up having too much oil.

Really really good to apply wherever you feel dry. I apply mostly on my face since I got lots of dry patches near my cheek and lips. I also use this balm to slowly massage my face and get rid of the whiteheads under my lips (the hardest part to clean right). It worked!! Like magic, without hassle and pain, I can clean my whiteheads easily. Whiteheads always make my foundation bumps and I look dull.

I completely recommend this product for people who:
  • has dry and dehydrated skin
  • has lots of dry patches and makes the foundation looks gross
  • struggling with naughty whiteheads
  • love natural ingredients product

But of course, people who don't like oil texture will dislike this product, it takes a longer time to absorb compared to lotion or gel type of moisturizer (just like face oil). If you need to travel with this just take a little amount into a portable pot since it's quite bulky to carry in a pouch.

Sometimes I mix this Dr. Jart+ Oil to Balm with primer, to create more dewy look before applying foundation, it never breaks my complexion.

Where to Buy? I bought this at Sephora Australia. You can find Dr. Jart+ products worldwide like Sephora or Yesstyle. This is the official website:

So, what do you think about this product? Let me know! x


  1. This sounds like it would be really helpful for me. Thank you for the detailed review!

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