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REVIEW: Fenty Beauty Liquid Eyeliner Cuz Im Black

Hello Gorgeous! Liquid Eyeliner is my life-saver, I just can't live without it. Just one swipe can change my whole look isn't that amazing! If I am deserted away and I only can bring 3 makeups, I will choose liquid eyeliner, foundation, and lip color. How about you?

In this post, I'm gonna share the new Fenty Beauty "Flyliner" Liquid Eyeliner named "Cuz I'm Black" what a unique name isn't it. My most favorite eyeliner is Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, but this product is so tempting and looks legit, so that's why I gave it a go. Let's discover it together.

The packaging is so fancy, I am obsessed with Fenty Beauty packaging, they are super beautiful and playful at the same time. Same with this Fenty eyeliner, it has glass kind of pencil with the marker liner tip. It was very hard to capture this picture as the lights always reflect on the body.

The tip is fine and made from velvet which is good for application, but it's not as flexible as the tattoo liner. It glides super smooth on the skin like very slippery! I think it's not a good product for a beginner, it is a hella hard thing to apply quickly, you must be really slow and careful to achieve a neat tidy edge look. It also has a little bit glossy kind of finish (reflects light).

The liquid runs very fast from the tip, as I said it is slippery and liquidy (not sure how to make it obvious by words lol), maybe Rihanna wanted it to be hassle-free and easy to apply but in the other hand, this product wasn't that easy to use. I use liquid eyeliner every day, I am mastering it, but it felt a little bit harder with this one.

see the watery effect????

Eventho really slippery and wet, it dries not too long. And guess what, after drying, it is actually 100% smudge-proof and waterproof! I am so amazed by the power of this formula! I tested by drawing something on my wrist and pretending it was a real tattoo. I took a bath, and do normal activity. The fake tattoo was still there till the next bath! So if you know you're gonna cry with makeup, ladies just put this on and you're safe! :)

Like I said before, it reflects a little bit of light, so it is not a dead matte finish like the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I was annoyed by this actually, but when you take a picture or something, it's not really visible so I can forgive that lol.

I am not sure like how long this eyeliner's lifespan if I am wearing it every day since it glides really slippery. One stroke drenches a lot of product. 

At Sephora, the price is exactly the same with Kat Von D (we all knew tattoo liner is the most popular and high demand at Sephora). Good job Rihanna.

Fenty Beauty eyeliner on my eyes.

So let's judge it now guys.

What I Like:
♥ Waterproof 100%
♥ Smudgeproof 100%
♥ Beautiful packaging
♥ Glides slippery (can be a plus or a minus, depends on you)

What I Dislike:
* Not so easy to remove!
* Might have a short term of life due to the slippery thing
* The felt tip is easily broken :(

What do you think guys, are you still curious about this product? :) 
I hope my review opens up a little bit and inspiring enough for people to consider before making a purchase.

I'll see you in another review! Love Ya!


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