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REVIEW: Superface Zoom in Mesh Cushion Lights, Camera, Action!

Everybody is talking about this cushion! Finally got it on my hand lol, it's another Korean brand, I am not really familiar with the brand, its called Superface Zoom in Mesh Cushion: Lights, Camera, Action! what a long name.

yez you are!

It was really popular because it's different from another Korean cushion. Usually, Korean cushion (mostly Korean foundations) are very light, with a pinkish undertone to give another level of brightness. Korean girls love to look more bright. But mostly Asian skin is on the warm based so it might be a little bit greyish if wearing the pink-undertoned foundation. And also usually they never do darker colors as well.

BUT this Superface zoom in Cushion is different, they do have WARM undertone with three shades that can suit your complexion color. Mine is Light.

It is a mesh cushion so it's different with usual cushion. No sponge at all. The foundation locked inside a fluffy mesh and you need to press it to take the product.

My first impression is I super like the texture! It is so comfy on my dry skin! Has kinda oil-based of formula, but not oily. The result is natural-dewy and I love it so much. Coverage was sheer to medium and it's buildable (means you can always add more for another layer of coverage). The smell also very nice like a flower.

As we all know, Korean girls like medium coverage with a touch of a dewy look. I think this cushion made a really good selling in Korea as well. You can buy this from CHARIS, they sell lots of great product like this. The price is really good, 446.000 IDR and you'll get two products inside.

The staying power is good, stays well on my dry skin for more than 7 hours without feeling cakey or removed. I think I like everything about this product only one thing I dislike: it quite needs some time to blend everything and put some coverage. As I mentioned before, the coverage was sheer to medium plus it is a mesh cushion. You need little effort and time to create higher coverage. But supposed to be ok tho, I think it's nice for touch up on-the-go as well.

Let's sum up everything!

What I Like:
♥ The texture (oil-based but not oily)
♥ The smell
♥ Nice packaging, very lightweight and not bulky
♥ Travel-friendly
♥ Sheer to medium coverage (and buildable)
♥ Staying power is great
♥ Has SPF 50, wooohoooo!!

What I Dislike:
* Need more time and little effort to blend everything due to the features.
* Need to be super clean since it is a mesh cushion type of packaging (sensitive with bacteria).

I used it on my look here, just add a little bit of loose powder afterward. See the glowing and dewy finish? Supermajor love. Currently this is my everyday go-to foundation. It has big SPF as well so yeah very nice.

I do recommend this if you have normal to dry skin or even combo still okay, not sure if you're super oily (you gotta find an oily blogger who tried this lol). Also if you like natural-dewy kind of finish, and very practical person since it's very easy to just tap (you don't need beauty blender for cushion right). 

Interested? Get it from CHARIS OFFICIAL website on my store (just click the link). Directly shipped to your house from Korea. No fake product.

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