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REVIEW: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum - Is It Really Brightening the Skin?

Have you heard about this product? Ole Henriksen Truth Serum was very popular since the first they came out in Sephora Australia. Everybody was raving about the brightening effect from this vitamin C serum. I remembered clearly how vitamin C was really a big thing that people want to use on their face in around Autumn 2018. And this Ole Henriksen Truth Serum was always out of stock very fast...

Thank you Sephora Australia for giving me chance to try this famous best seller in store. First of all, I don't have any serious concern about brightening like most South-East Asian girls do. I am quite happy with my skin color, but who doesn't want a clearer skin? So this serum is not only claimed for brightening but also collagen-boosting and hydration at the same time. Legit.

I am so sorry that I didn't manage to take a selfie before using this vitamin C serum, just because I thought this gonna be the same skincare that won't give me a significant result. 

the texture, liquidy and orange, smells so nice

First time using was on Australian Autumn 2018 (around May 2018) for about one drop of liquid every morning before the moisturizer. Keep applying just one drop for the whole face until the end of Australian winter 2018 (around August 2018 till now).

As I said before I have no proof of my old skin condition so I did not really recognize any differences UNTIL one day I tried to apply my all-time favorite foundation - Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I always wear the 5.5 shade and it suits me BUT that day, I felt like dull and darken. I was wondering why my face looked like this, then I realized that the Truth Serum does its job - it lightens my complexion! 

But don't imagine you're gonna be white like pale white, no. It just makes your complexion brighter, not whiter. So it would give you the sensation of being baby again, back to your own natural lightest color of your life. I give you the swatches of the Giorgio Armani foundation, this truth serum gave me a jump from 5.5 to 4.5!

Overall I am amazed by this serum. 50% of people said it worked and 50% said it is wonderful, none comes in the middle. So either you hate it or love it (based on all my Sephora friends who tried).

And I guess I'm on the LOVE side lol. No, it didn't give me breakout or anything. Fast absorb, and nice liquid texture, but somehow I don't really like the smell (like the orange smell).

The lightest version of myself  was in this picture. Not sure it was 100% because of this truth serum or winter time who made me so pale. But I guess winter won't make my skin glow and supple, isn't it? ;)

So we know the answer. Could be both tho, but still, I love my skin in this serum.

There you go, another skincare recommendation from me, if anyone is looking for a good brightening and hydrating serum maybe you want to try this Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. It's a lil bit pricey but hey you just need one drop for the whole of your face so it's a great deal :)

See you in another skincare post!


  1. What a great review! It is interesting that this is a love it or hate it kind of product...but I'm glad that you enjoyed the results.

  2. never heard before. really wanna try, where can i get this product in Indonesia dear?


    1. helo adeee hehe mungkun km bs dapet dari olshop yg jual barang luar hehe


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