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REVIEW: The Ordinary Multi Peptide Serum for Hair

I am a fan of fluffy healthy hair, and thankfully I have pretty good black thick hair since birth. But along the time, I realized they have been falling a lot. I died my hair - three times bleached and lots of chemical things around 2016ish, at that time I felt my hair is leaving me, they were dry and unhealthy. Even though I tried my best to take care of them, still, natural hair is the best. You guys can see my hair was rose gold in these videos:

This is the worst color because the hairstylist was so sure she could do my reference but it was a total failure ...

Anyway, I loved my hair and style back then, it's just the way my hair betrayed me wasn't my favorite thing. They keep falling and somehow it concerned me a lot, for sure. I tried many things such as hair tonic, cut my hair shorter, etc, but it still falls a lot.

Then one day, while walking along the street, I found this at the Ordinary store. I've always been wanting to try their products and now I'm in love with the face oil and foundation! Let me tell you about this one.

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum is a leave-on based serum for the scalp that claimed to help with hair to look thicker, healthier, denser, and fuller. Sounds so legit, tho it's said "to look" so it's just on the outside xD

Direction: You are meant to use this before sleeping, probably like a sleeping mask for the scalp. Drop some droplets on the different areas on your scalp and do a little gentle massage.

What it feels: The texture is like water, you can see the ingredients below in the picture. It has no scent at all which is good. It's not oily, but somehow it made my hair greasy in the morning! Like I didn't wash my hair for days lol. This is pretty weird for me. Maybe my scalp is reacting to something in it.

Also, the worse experience after oily scalp is I feel itchy every time I use this serum on my scalp! I don't normally have an itchy oily scalp. But it was itch all around the dropped areas lol dunno why. I tried to think positive, maybe the product is working that way like purging my root or something, which probably is true!

But it's just I can't stand to hold the itch... can you tho?

Packaging: was sooooo beautiful and simple. I love the pipette form of the applicator, such a very easy way to apply the serum without wasting any of it. You can aim perfectly to the scalp. It came with glass UV protection packaging which is nice, and also travel-friendly.

My babies

Effects: Does it really work? I do not feel any differences in my hair fall volume, to be honest, I am sorry. But if you are looking for an honest review, I always give one.

Tried it for about two months, it always makes my scalp itchy the whole night and the next day I got an oily looking hair, and I am not happy about that :(

I don't know about other people, you may check other people's review towards this the Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum. Might works for you tho, who knows, it was just me so fussing lol.
Well, at least the price didn't freak my wallet out. So I will still somehow use this to finish them.

Have you tried this product before? I guess I will find another home treatment for my hair that can help lessen the falling hair :)

Have a good holiday guys



  1. I came here because my scalp was also itchy when I applied it :( Hopefully, we can find out why this is happening.

    Thanks for your post! Glad to know I'm not alone with this reaction.

    1. Yes! Oh I am so glad to that I am not alone! I left the product on the shelf and never use it anymore but too sad to throw it away..


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