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Review: What is so Special About Australian Pink Clay Mask - Alya Skin


Lately, this brand was so famous on social media. Every advertisement on Instagram and Facebook was mostly dominated by this brand: Alya Skin - a new skincare line from Australia, known for the Pink Clay Mask that made from Australian kaolin.

Honestly, the brand image is not that catchy, but the mass advertisement and the rave they created were HUGE so here I am (as a skincare whore) so ready to try the pink clay mask from Australia! And this time, unlike my usual review post, I will sum up everything-you-want-to-know in points :)

Let's find out the big question:

1. Alya Skin is made from Australian Pink Clay Kaolin and it's different from other country's pink clay kaolin.

First of all, let's learn about Kaolin Clay and what it does:

Pink clay is a form of clay called Kaolin. Kaolin is usually found white, it takes on its pink hue depending on the percentage of iron oxide, the higher the level, the darker the kaolin clay, you will also find the clay becomes more absorbent too. Pink is in the middle and provides a deep, pore cleansing properties whilst keeping the skin balanced and comfortable. Source.

Kaolin clay was primarily made in China before and it was derived from "Gaoling" - a village name in China. It has different colors depending on the location and the benefits: white, pink, red, yellow, etc.

Basically, kaolin clay is not a new thing especially in the skincare industry, but Australian kaolin in particular, yes. Not only Alya Skin, but there is also another hype brand that uses Australian kaolin pink clay as a major ingredient such as Sand and Sky.

Why they are different? Because the geographic location determines the minerals inside the kaolin. Australian kaolin contains silica (anti-inflammatory that good to lock the moisture), magnesium (help skin to retain its fatty acid that gives skin youthful-plump look), selenium (a great antioxidant that fights free radicals), and zinc (heals the skin).
You can google kaolin clay differences based on the locations such as China or France - if you are curious more about that. But all of them are GREAT to pamper your skin!

2. It's not only to detoxify the skin but also to exfoliate and cleanse.

The claims of this brand are: detoxify and brighten. It's true, the pink clay mask will do all the jobs, but according to my research, it also will exfoliate your skin and removing the dead skin cells since it contains lactic acid inside.

Alya Skin benefits

The texture was soooo creamy and thick, nearly impossible to fall from the packaging. 
Direction: Apply lightly on the skin, wait for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. It turns from pink to light purple then white. As you can see on my face, it stretches my skin a little bit, I can't smile or talk lol and feels really tight. 
Tips from me: Rub your whole face with an ice cube afterward to close the pores and make the skin fresh.

Does it really do the job?: Yes. It helps minimalize my pores (not removing okay) and I feel my skin is very soft and plump. I didn't really have problems with acne or blemish, so I can't testify on that area but I like how this mask made my skin feel. 
On the other hand, after using this mask, my skin will be tight and sometimes I get a little itch, but I consider that the product is working underneath.

Also to take notes, this is skincare and it means investment, please don't expect results in one application, and you have to regularly do it to keep it that way :)

3. Alya Skin is affordable compared with other brands.

As I write this blog, I did the research for all information and also prices. For 120grams I paid 40US$, that's pretty decent, while the other brand I mentioned above sells the same thing for 49.9US$ (with free mini brush) and it's 60grams. Use it 2-3 times per week regularly, I think it can last me for more than 2 months. It just needs this amount below for my whole face. 

Meanwhile, it doesn't come with a mini spatula or brush, so you need to scoop the mask with other stuff like a little spoon - I don't recommend to use a cotton bud since it will leave some cotton on it, neither your finger, if you want to keep the freshness longer.

The design was okay, for me it's not as cute as the other brand, but it's still nice to see and the packaging is not bulky since it's made from thin plastic and not glass.
Besides, they are currently running some international giveaway regularly by taking #selfie with the product so just try your luck!

4. It does not include bunnies to test the product, Alya Skin is Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

Nowadays, it's not only a trend. I am happy that people start to think about the cruelty process behind their beauty rituals. I am grateful and optimistic about the future of this industry since a lot of brands already free from animal testing. So kiss goodbye to your old-fashioned brand that still depends on innocent bunnies. I don't need to raise more awareness about this topic but for me right now, I WILL NOT BUYING ANYTHING THAT IS STILL TESTED ON ANIMALS, period.

How do you think guys? Is it just a trend or actually can help your skin to be better? 

Please kindly pick wisely before buying. I am not talking about Alya Skin, but in general, check the ingredients. There is a lot of information online about what is good and bad to your skin, also take care of your needs, not just following a trend. Your skin needs the right thing, not the most popular thing!

So answering the question above: Is Alya Skin worth the hype and price? Yes! 

Okay, thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts! 
Till next time :)

Disclaimer: All information all pre-researched and studied. I am not getting paid to write this by a third party. Pictures copyright belongs to me, please do not use for commercial purposes without agreement. Thank you.


  1. It is so wonderful that the brand is cruelty free. That is super important when it comes to skin care products. This sounds like a really fabulous brand. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this product!
    the creation of beauty is art.

    1. yes i know rite! thanks for visiting too shannon :) x

  2. I've seen this face mask floating around social media and really appreciate your in depth review. Also love the fact that kaolin clay originated from China, super fun fact :p Glad to know the hype isn't just hype and maybe I'l give it a go :)

    1. hello Weng, thanks for coming here! haha yes that's a fun fact, and im sure you will love the mask :D


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