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Burning Incense For A Mind and Body Relaxation | Holistick Essential Oil Incense

Have you ever heard about incense? This unique stick actually does more than a beautiful decoration, it gives your mind and body a gentle serenity. Let's deep dive more with Holistick Canada Essential Oil Incense ;)

Holistick is a wellness-beauty brand from Canada that provides natural products inspired by Bali. As a #proudindonesian living in Canada, I am in love and fully supporting this brand (of course, because they have super amazing stuff as well). In some cultures, incense is used for spiritual activity, you might even recognize it at some churches or temples. But aside from all of the spiritual thing, incense, in short, is really just a stick that will permeate your space with its aroma when it is burned. So don't be scared to use one! :D

Holistick Essential Oil Incense has three scents: JASMINE, CHAMPAKA, and LOTUS. Those flowers are well-known in Indonesia for their mellow yet beautiful fragrant.

  1. Take out a stick and burn the tip for about 10 seconds.
  2. If the fire hasn't dimmed after 10 seconds, blow out the incense tip. Remember, the aroma comes from the smoke, not the fire.
  3. Place the incense above the jade holder (provided in the box for every purchase). There are two ends, the smaller one is not part of the incense, so put the smaller one on the holder's hole.
  4. When burning, there will be clumps of ashes that fall around the incense. So make sure your surrounding is safe!
  5. It is best to burn the incense for about 1-2 hours, to stop the burning simply flip the stick and toss the burning tip into the jade holder. I don't recommend blowing the incense.

For each box, you will get 15 sticks and 1 jade holder

I am amazed by the Holistick Incense scents, they are so beautiful and give me relaxation. I am not a big fan of perfume (if you follow me long enough you know that I've never really made any post about perfume) but these smells are so subtle and gentle. You know the difference when You can definitely tell if the product is made from natural ingredients or chemical / artificial fragrances! All of the 3 aromas are amazing, so sorry if I can't recommend which one is better, just take the 3-in-1 set 😂, apply code GITA15 for a 15% discount on their website.

More facts that I love about these Holistick Essential Oil Incense:

✨ They are handcrafted in Bali. I am from Indonesia, and I knew the people there always make something out of nature. You gotta visit Bali for once in a lifetime, you will love that paradise!
✨ They are made with pure Balinese essential oils, never with fragrance or perfume. The effect that you feel will be different, trust me.
✨ Not only make you relax and calm, but you can use this as a bug repellent! Win-win!

What do you think? Have you tried incense to release tension and help you relax? :)

Don't forget to apply code GITA15 on Holistick website for 15% OFF! 

Till next time!

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