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Make Over: Sweety Pink


Back with another make over post! Btw, I want to clear this to you: make over is not to compare before and after of someone to get negative thoughts about being not pretty without makeup! 

Every girl is beautiful, noted that! So, in my opinion, and conclusion, make over is a simple way to show more the beauty of someone, with makeup. There are so many ways, without makeup you can use clothes, hair styles, expressions, etc. I underlined 'more', means she is pretty before, but with makeup she can show you her hiding beauty!

And I dislike someone that says "Omg, she/he is ugly without makeup, and after make over, she/he is so much different and pretty/handsome now!"

Go. to. hell. then.
Every girl is beautiful please note that! If make up tools cannot make our face looks stunning, then there will be no more make up lines and brands to buy :)

OK. Enough with my ramblings lol. Introducing my girl, Nita. She is one mof my besties. I love to make over my besties, you can see my girl Cynthia HERE.

before and after
She loves Korean so much, and pink! I try to style her hair, but still failed T__T I am not a good hair stylist *cry* I want to learn that more! :p

This is the first hair style that I did to her. Inspired by Rikku in Final Fantasy game.

She used:
Etude house precious mineral bb cream #natural beige
Etude house nymph aura no. 3
Acnes compact powder (forgot the shade)
Etude house Oh~ m'Eye liner #black
Etude house look at my eyes white eyeshadow
Maybelline brown eyebrow maker
Maybelline dual mascara
Etude house cherry tint
GEO black lens

What do you think, Ladies? :D


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. kalo didandanin pake baju pink keliatan lebih cute yaaa terus kalo pake baju merah keliatan rada dewasa...
    overall good job gita :D
    aku mau juga dong di dandanin kamu :*
    sorry koment sebelumnya dihapus karena ada kesalahan >_<

    1. thanks mel hihihi.. iya pink itu terkenal menambah ke'cute' an cewek loh :D hihi..
      bole2 kapan2.. kamu juga pinter makeup kok ^^

    2. btw git itu modelnya pake softlens ga sih?
      matanya bagusss soalnya O.O

    3. pakeee.. soflens ngefek banget ke mata :D hehehhehe.. tapi gatau yg tipe apa soflensnya, cuma tau merknya GEO.. :)

  3. Wow, she looks very very cute!! *-* you did a good job! :3

  4. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
    Following your blog. follower#535
    hope you will visit & follow my blog.

    *International Giveaway*

  5. she looks like an ulzzang... make tutorial about this please :D

    1. yes.. i will make it later. thank you for the request, dear ^^

  6. Ow shes so adorable :) i really do love the hair and her eyes are so sweet !!!!

    Nice post

    Bisous from France

  7. Wow amazing makeover- she's very very cute with or without makeup, and can totally rock both of these different looks.
    I see makeup as a way to show your personality so if someone wear a lot or nothing t all they look fantastic because that is them :)
    Love the lenses and liner.

    1. hahah thanks jodie! yeaaa, i am agree with you. you are always same with me ^^

  8. she is super duper cute!! i loved how you did the eyelining!! kawaii ^_~


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