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My Canadian Rustic Wedding Day Story

It's still so surreal for me to write this. Even today, I can't believe I would say 'I do'. I don't know about you, but marriage was not on my priority list to achieve, I kept saying to myself that I probably can be happy by myself, with no pressure. Perhaps it was because I wasn't sure about everything in my life. 

Then I met this man, someone who teaches me that partnering can be fun, meaningful, and last forever... some things that I long for so long - deep connection, same vision, and everything in between.

Preparing Wedding for My Girl in Covid19 Season | Vancouver Wedding

Covid 19 created all the hassle in the world, it's an unfortunate event we need to accept for the whole of 2020. And just like all the struggles, there is always good news along the way. One of my bestie, Hana, decided to move forward in her life together with her Mr. Right. 

What is Zero Waste Lifestyle? And How Am I Going Zero Waste?

Hello, my friend, I hope you're doing well anywhere you are. There is an interesting topic I want to share with you in this post. Have you heard about the Zero Waste Lifestyle? Maybe somewhere in social media? Honestly, I just knew about this term this year, and living a zero-waste life is (actually) possible.

Sunflower Festival and Summer at Chilliwack Lake

Hey guys, how are we!

I want to tell you a real story of mine. Something that happened to me and upgraded my wisdom lol. Also a recommendation of Vancouver Must Visit Placein summer: Chilliwack Lake and Sunflower Festival, so you can take an instagrammable picture like this below :p

So on a lovely…

I am (Not) Chinese

"Oy ni hao.."
Most of the time, most of the Asian people will try to speak Chinese to me. It does not matter how I act like I don't understand, they will keep asking me questions in Chinese. Well, to be fair, my dad is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin), so yesI can pick up and understand s…

The Spirit of Memories

First Time Trying Online Groceries - Hello Fresh Experience

Yo, guys whassup! Long-time no post here, I know I know I'm sorry! In this post, I want to talk about one of the millennial things that probably the Boomers won't even think about before: Online Grocery aka "you don't need to go to the grocery store to get the ingredients, just pay…

Hey Early 90s Babies, Read This!

Taken at Quarry Rock, BC

I give you a quick conclusion at the beginning of this post: At some point in this life, we need to be "slow down" and appreciate the present.

You're welcome.  But continue reading if you want to dive more in my universe of thoughts.
This is not to encourage…

LIFE UPDATE: Aku Tidak Pensiun, Tapi...

Life Update: Lost Instagram Followers and Gain Something Special

God is Able || My Sister Wedding in Texas

pink | a photo series by amelleo

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Ephesians 3:20