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REVIEW: Sulwashoo Firming Cream + Bichup Ja Saeng Essence (The History of Whoo)


I am back with product review. Now I want to share about my recent skin care ritual every night :D
I was very curious with two cosmetic lines from Korea, that everyone is talking about, expensive, luxurious, effective, and cure: Sulwashoo and The History of Whoo, remember, they are different brand, though it has pretty similar name, damn, it is. LOL.

Among all of their variant, I chose Sulwashoo Firming Cream and Whoo Bichup Ja Saeng Essence (I read 20 reviews about this product, and amazingly 20 of 20 bloggers said it was worth and nice! Makes me more curious!)
I don't get any prescription or advice from anyone, except I ever asked Aini about Ja Saeng before, but I want to mix this two products all by my own idea, LOL.

Of course it's small, I buy it in sample (5 ml), what do you think I am that can afford this skin care in normal and original size? It is damn expensive. . . . . . Psst, they claim that these two brands is number 1 and 2 in Korea. Interesting.

The texture is very very creamy and heavy, white-colored, and has herbal smell. I don't really like herbal smell, but I kinda feel so much comfort knowing it won't harm my skin since it came from herbal plants :)

with flash

This what I got from you can enlarge by clicking the picture to read it. I had my disappointment because of its name, though it says "firming cream" the result is it did not firm my skin at all, so I read this description "moisturize dry skin and hydrates damaged skin, makes it look healthy looking and have resilience" and I just like, "WHOAA SO WHY MUST NAME IT FIRMING???????" -_______-! you can named it "moisturizing cream" or "hydrating cream" instead.

Next is: The History of Whoo Bichup Ja Saeng Essence. OMG, they got very difficult names for their products, it start to make me crazy.

I bought (of course) the samples too, LOL, 8.000 IDR each, quite expensive for a small sachet that can be used for about just 3-4 times.

images from google
It has not really heavy texture, transparent colored, and seriously the smell is very very NICE! Love this Ja Saeng's smell ^.^/

Been using this mix of two lux products for month and a half.

Week 1
No significant result, but I convinced that my skin feels much smoother and it calms my skin too. I wake up in the morning with dewy healthy skin!

Week 2
I GOT PURGING IN MY CHEEK! Seriously I know it's not surprising because 8 of 10 bloggers got purging while using Ja Saeng too. But still I feel worry about my face, though it felt very smooth and silk to touch.

Week 3
Day by day I am still using these creams. The purging seems fading away, I am so happy. It even fix my skin texture, and much way smoother.

Week 4
All I can say is: THE BICHUP JASAENG is amazing, and THE FIRMING CREAM is doing its job perfectly to my skin. Though I still feel disappointed because of word "firm", still I love to touch my face now because its very supple and elastic and smooth ^^

warning: got a little bit itchy while using Ja Saeng Essence, and I don't wanna scratch it! In first 20 minutes the creams will sticky to touch, so don't go to bed immediately. After 20 minutes, the sticky feeling was gone, and smooth feeling will come LOL.

ratings: 4.8 of 5


  1. mamaku pake sulwhasoo ini juga gitt, dia suka banget, sampe aku stok 12 pcs hahaha

  2. I want to use it. it looks useful =)

  3. wahh after reading this post made me want to try this too ^_~

  4. Everyone is raving about sulwashoo, but I think I'll pass since I already have my HG in skincare and without purging too <33 thanks for the review!

    1. yesss ce, you had such a great skin in your pretty face ^^
      welcomeee <33

  5. Hmmmm...interesting. I think I wanna try out thses products too. I wanna know how it will work on my skin. I'll def check on these ones.

  6. Hmmmm...interesting. I think I wanna try out these products too. I wanna know how it will work on my skin. I'll def check on these ones.

  7. theyre seem like good products!
    would like to try them out! :)


  8. Aku udah lama agak tertarik sm produk ini,,tapi masih ragu karena agak bingung sama jenis produknya yg bnyk bgt itu,,tapi setelah baca review kamu jd pengen beli yg ini dech *namanya susah untuk diketik & diucapkan* xixixi

    1. hehhehehe iya dear, aku juga mkirnya lamaaaa banget baru nyoba, takut purgingnya ituuu T_T tpi skrg better than before :)

  9. Purginya berapa lama nih? Ganggu banget nggaakkk? Terus pas ilang, ada bekas2nya gak sis? Heheh

    1. lumayan lama... tapi oke kok, abis itu ak pake whitening intensive jadi bekasnya ilang hehe

  10. Hi, I purchased the full size ja saeng essence in official History of Whoo counter in Seoul, and the color is not transparent but yellowish and texture kind of sticky / creamy. Just for your reference.

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